You want testimonials? Well… you got testimonials!

See what readers and clients have to say about how their fight towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle paid off big time! Read ’em, be inspired and if you have questions, concerns or stories/feedback to share, don’t hesitate contact me.

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Raj gave my life back – Swarna

In one sentence if you want me to describe the effect of my nutrition/fitness session with Raj it is “Raj gave my life back”.

When I came across Raj’s blog my condition was thus:

  • Excess fatigue attacks, which lead me to sleeping straight 18 hours.
  • Severe joint paint which made me immobile. Knee pains as if I am 60 year old and not in 30s.
  • Doctor diagnosing that my condition is mostly Fibromyalgia and referred to a neurologist and even though I know I was not depressed I was given anti depressant
  • Flu like body pains
  • Sever heartburn, stomach cramps
  • Recurrent vertigo attacks
  • Insomnia, trouble getting sleep and very less sleep of only 3 hours or so
  • Neck and shoulder pain.
  • Every day morning the possibility of facing the day was gloom. No energy, no stamina. Everyday living was a chore.
  • No energy
  • NO zeal for life
  • Concentration level down in the dumps

Then I came across Raj’s blog. That was definitively my lucky day. I enrolled in Raj’s online fitness regime and within a month there were so many changes. Going of grain immediately solved my insomnia. Real food solved my chronic constipation and stomach cramps. Off sugar stopped vertigo attacks. I was about 11 pounds overweight, but within 3 months I lost 14 pounds, more than I bargained for, which is wonderful

Raj was very helpful throughout and answered questions and suggestions to help my health. I, being a lacto vegetarian brought up in India, never thought this, but found I was milk intolerant and thanks to raj for helping me to find this .

I feel much better these days…maybe I got rid of my fibromyalgia…if that is even possible…or at least I almost did it.

By cleaning up my food and adding stuff rarely on cheat meals I found that I am very intolerant to gluten, milk and vegetable oils. If I avoid those I am not just good but great 🙂

The workout routine has made me more energetic. No more severe overall body pain or neck pain or fatigue crashes. Very less pain these days and I am sure over the period of time I will conquer that too.  And as bonus my weight has also come down.

No pain reliever pills, no fatigue crashes, life is wonderful and my concentration level has rocketed high. For the first time, yesterday, I played soccer with my son! It was humongous achievement for me, because 4 months earlier getting out of bed during weekend was a big question.

Thanks Raj!

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I get to eat all that, and I have to work-out just 3 days a week, AND I get to lose weight? – Divya

So I get to eat eggs (yolk included, dear gym-trainer-who-asked-me-not-to-eat-egg-yolk-lest-I-want-to-weight-110kgs), succulent flavorsome paneer, sinful peanut butter, melt-in-the-mouth butter, silken cheese, orgasmically delicious hazelnuts and almonds, cups of extremely-important-to-the-South-Indian rice and curd, juicy watermelon and luscious berries, gloriously green broccoli, and still manage to lose 5 inches in a week! Your program made me stare at my computer screen incredulously – “I get to eat all that, and I have to work-out just 3 days a week, AND I get to lose weight?” was  what I thought about for a very long time. I’m just 4 weeks into my program and I’ve dropped 18 inches while eating lip-smackingly delicious food.

I wake up each day feeling lighter than I did the day before. I wake up each day feeling fitter than I was the day before. Sprints no longer leave me panting for breath. I’ve progressed from doing knee push-ups to actual push-ups (Yes! The ones that several women can’t do) My 5k time is down 6 minutes. I’ve gone from being a very light sleeper to a can-give-an-exhausted-truck-driver-a-run-for-his-money sleeper. Clothes fit me better. I’m pepped up and charged throughout the day – absolutely no signs of lethargy. I eat BIG meals and I seldom feel hungry in between meals. I get to eat squares of throughly satisfying dark chocolate.  I get to cheat (think dosai, chaat, chocolate ice cream, fries, cheesecake, bars of chocolate) on my diet often. I know now how to order smart when I go out for lunch/dinner with friends. And thanks to your diet, MY PREMENSTRUAL CRAMPS ARE GONE! GONE! The excruciatingly painful premenstrual cramps are history now, and I no longer have to curl into a little ball and scream into a pillow!  How awesome is that?

It’s been said that patience is a virtue, and I’ve been told that testing people’s patience is mine. However, you’ve always had the time to answer ALL my questions in addition to providing links to related articles; you even go as far as providing a gist of the article in your mail! Thank you, Raj, for being such a terrific coach. I’ve been losing weight and dropping inches, and I know I lost it the right way instead of losing water weight while on a crazy diet an ignorant dietitian put me on!

P.S: I must mention that I got to celebrate India’s WC victory with 4 shots of vodka, thanks to your demystification of the alcohol-fat connection. THANK YOU FOR THAT! 🙂

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – x – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A new bonding factor in our marriage! – Deepti

How it all began : I had started putting on a lot of weight during 2010 and the first thing that anyone would observe about me is that I am looking huge. Thats when my husband started reading Raj’s blogs and started learning about staying fit, healthy, sustainable diet etc. When he decided to enroll me for the training program, I thought this was yet another effort that surely would fall apart in a few days just like my stint with aerobics, gym, jogging etc.

Workouts : I do three days of intensive workout and 2 days of yoga and another 2 days of simple brisk walking. And I see the benefit of such a work out regime. I seem to develop a lot of stamina and strength during the intensive workouts. I have graduated from being able to do 3 knee push ups to 10 knee push ups. I see how strong my arms have become. Doing Yoga twice a week keeps my muscles flexed and increases my mobility. Results : Now I have been following the diet and work out schedules that Raj recommends. It has been about 2.5 months. I find a great change in my body in terms of the weight, strength of my arms,legs, abdominal muscles etc (thanks to the strengthening exercises) and shape. I feel healthy, fit and light.

Diet : I do not unnecessarily carbo-load myself. I hate junk and unreal food. The diet suggested is not hard to follow at all. We predominantly eat the same South Indian food that we used to eat with the only exception that we dont eat unnecessary rice unless its post work out. We still eat the kootus(a coconut based vegetable gravy) and curries and make sambar (a tamarind based vegetable dish) with a lot of vegetables. We eat all these without rice but with paneer. We have also started experimenting with a lot more cuisines that are clean and now our options for breakfast lunch and dinner have increased and therefore easy to sustain. This is not like any of the crash diet courses where you finally go into a depression.

Benefits of the program : I started following Raj’s blog and designed my own work out regime. It did help. However, I think it is double advantageous to get enrolled into a program and get a customized program and have someone like Raj to clarify doubts and queries and someone to follow up on your progress. I now laugh at the blog that he had written about how the instructors in India feed their clients with a lot of wrong information and misguide them.  My husband and I find this new zeal to workout and cook clean and discover more clean recipes, a new bonding factor in our marriage. We see how the other person is improving in strength and losing fat. We help each other in keeping time, in counting the push ups and pull ups. And neither of us crib about the nature of diet and workout since it is so different from the crash weight loss courses that we hear of. We are both charged through the day and we realize how much this kind of diet and workout has not become an inseparable part of our life!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – x – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I am surprised how I don’t have to starve myself to follow the diet. – Reva

I want to start by saying ‘thank you’ for doing this. Reading your blog has brought a total shift in my ideas of fitness and nutrition and I am so glad you emphasize so much on the nutrition part. It is natural for anyone to think ‘oh, I exercise, I can eat junk and get away with it’. I have started with your recommendations fairly recently and I am surprised how I don’t have to starve myself to follow the diet. And how energized and good I feel after the exercises. I am still surprised at how short they are and yet very effective!

I have to follow this for a few more months before I can talk of results – but in my books, I am already a winner. Thank you for patiently replying to every silly query and helping me get started. I owe you big time! 🙂

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – x – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I have lost more than 10 kgs and loads of inches and am working Harder, getting Better and Stronger – Soundarya

I was about 10 kgs over weight but working my ass off 6 days a week at the gym ( including some 15 km outdoor runs) and eating not really very big meals and reached a plateau of a dreaded 72kgs which refused to move. Was pretty resigned to the fact that 72kg is going to my weight for the rest of my life and continued running with a vengeance and extending my workout from 1 hour to 1 and half hours and ate smaller meals. And then I read about Raj (thanks to a couple of friends who pointed his blog) and wrote to him. Now for the changes I made and the differences I saw.

I work out about 4 times a week and give my body a lot of rest and my workouts never take more than 45 mins and in those 45 mins I concentrate and focus on lifting heavy weights for less reps, watch my form and stretch well. Including warm up and cool down it takes a maximum of 45 mins. Simple workouts that target all muscles and easy to follow.

I eat well now 🙂 I used to think rice was my enemy and thought I’d put on weight if I even see rice!! But how wrong I was. Now I eat rice for my post workout meal on days I feel like it without any fat gain.

With regards to my social life I should say it’s pretty hectic and I managed to eat clean through new Year’s/Christmas/Pongal/Weddings/get togethers/Pujai.. and the list goes on ( I live in Chennai and attend at least a couple of get togethers a week:) and through all this I managed to eat healthy and clean and didn’t feel even once that I was missing out on something and enjoyed what I ate. Initially I used to send SOS emails to Raj saying ‘Oh my God another get together today at Saravana Bhavan what do I eat?’ etc etc:) Then I learnt three things from him 1 – be firm and learn to say no when I don’t want to eat:). 2 – order in such a way I am having my regular protein and good fat that the body needs. 3 – keep away from the sugars and don’t worry about the couple of snide comments from people who say things like ‘Oh my God you live only once why are you doing this to urself/Oh you don’t eat is it? ‘ etc etc:) Learn to ignore it. ITS YOUR LIFE AND YOUR HEALTH.

It’s a way of life to eat healthy and clean and workout. It’s not a miracle diet or a mystery or a FAD that is going to do sudden wonders. But it’s a way of life that will increase your metabolism and make u healthier. A simple example is when I went to donate blood now everyone was like u have lost so much weight and not sure if u will be fit enough to give. And my Haemoglobin reading was a freaking 16:) (12 being the average for women). So I am jut getting healthier and fitter with good eating.

I was very apprehensive about a trainer who coaches me online and does email consulting. Was not sure how it will work. But Raj’s email and his confidence kind of wanted me to give it a shot and it worked wonders. His detailed workout plan and diet plan explains every single meal and why it is good to have what he asks you to have and explains clearly how the workout will benefit you. Just follow it religiously and blindly and you are assured of results. I lift much better, run faster, eat better and of course fit into smaller sized clothes better:)

Consulting with Raj is fun cos he not a trainer who tells you ‘no partying, no eating outside food and basically be a recluse’ but it’s a practical method to follow that is both fun and challenging. And with every silly doubt I had I would get prompt email responses guiding me and telling what I was doing right/wrong without mincing words 🙂 and that helps. Now I bug him lesser as I understand better what he is talking about and still follow his training program to the T and its still showing results. I have lost more than 10 kgs (22 lb) and loads of inches and am working Harder, getting better and stronger :).

Keep up the good work Raj and Look forward to having you as my trainer as long as u can bear my questions:)

One of the biggest things I have learnt from him is that a diet isn’t a temporary thing. – Murali

I stumbled onto HBFSER towards the end of Dec 2010, and have been implementing both diet plans and work-outs from the blog from 20th Jan.  And my results have been quite satisfactory. I was leading quite a sedentary lifestyle prior to this and eating a whole lot of junk. Though I was never ‘fat’ as such, I wasn’t fit either. When I started off I was 70kgs and in the last 2months I have lost 6kgs, and far fitter than I have ever been.

The one thing that I really like about the blog and Raj as a trainer is how he keeps things simple. This ensures that the point he’s trying to convey is not lost. I also love how he challenges conventional wisdom and backs up his points with a lot of research. The blog is very open and friendly and questions are promptly answered. If you’re looking to get your diet and work-out plan in order, HBFSER is definitely not a bad place to start!

I have also been involved with Raj the trainer; I have had the opportunity to take up his ‘guinea pig’ one month body weight training program. To begin with, I found the workouts to be very intense but once I started getting used to them, they were ideal. The workouts were simple, effective (I work out for less than 25mins a day) and since they were body weight workouts, required no equipment. The results have been very good. I’m fitter and leaner than I have ever been and after working out in the morning, I feel light and active throughout the day.

Raj as a trainer is great, he understands that there are different levels to fitness and even though I wasn’t far off from the bottom, he has always been encouraging. He lets you know why you should be doing certain things and why they are good for you and lets you figure it out for yourself. One of the biggest things I have learnt from him is that a diet isn’t a temporary thing; it’s not about those 6 weeks or 2 months. It’s about learning what’s good and what’s not from a nutrition point of view and more about changing your mindset. Once you do that it becomes part of your everyday life.

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My diet, exercise and lifestyle are in harmony! – Shubhneet

I’ve lost pounds and inches on the way to better health. Raj told me what and how much to eat. I have a customised exercise plan and not just the basic guiding priciples unlike the usual gym where  “less carbs, more veggies and cardio and some weights” is the so called customised plan for everyone. Since Raj took all the headache to give me a detailed and workable plan, I am able to drop all my concerns regarding nutrition, weightloss, inch loss and overall health. I am free to concentrate on other things i.e. work and life. My diet, exercise and lifestyle are in harmony and most importantly one doesnot interfere with the other i.e. I donot end up cooking , eating and exercising all day long.

Right from customizing the diet and exercise to suit you and your life, answering  queries, monitoring diet and exercise to motivating ( sensible and believable reassurance) whenever you deviate, Raj forms a great support system. I fit into my old clothes with health and wellbeing.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – x – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Raj had always told me progression was the key. And that advice was money! – Vishwa

When I first started I was apprehensive about whether I could even imagine myself doing this. I was sliding down a slimy greasy barrel fueled mainly by my hectic thesis writing, fast food munching, lazy ass-ing final days of my PhD. I was 220 pounds of bumbling mumbling mass at the end of it. All that while I was following Raj on his efforts towards his fitness regimen (fortunately he was my good old friend so I had enough background with him to have truly have witnessed how much he had transformed). At one point I woke up (literally it was the middle of a night) and said enough is enough and dusted my gym boots and my gym gear to get back on track (I had worked out by myself for almost 5 years mostly regularly…heavily focused on weight training with slight cardio). So being the Mr independent that I’m I started back my old regimen. It wad not bad in terms of results but having seen what Raj had achieved I told myself what I need is a structure and method to my madness…

So one fine day I shot an email to Raj and expressed my interest. Raj was extremely busy at that point but still was gracious enough to slide me in for old friendship’s sake. He took his time to find more about me….where I was physically and nutritionally. He told me I needed some work but he had the confidence that I’ll execute it (I seriously was not at that time). One thing about Raj is was that from the time I contacted him he was extremely encouraging and confident about the results (mainly because he had seen results in front of his eyes both on him and his clients) I was still skeptical when he told me I’ll be fine.

After brief consultations back and forth he decided to send me a workout/dieting plan. While I was waiting for it I still was contemplating between my own routines/ P90x/ Insanity etc etc…I got the plan from him in a week as he had promised. I swear to god when I finished going through that I could not believe that someone could painstakingly go through every nitty gritty details of diet, workouts etc. Suddenly all other programs I was considering started to feel more like products/commodities. This was personal and I told myself. This is it.

At first the program was intimidating and Raj was amazingly supportive at that phase and I quickly told myself I’m going to have to stop thinking and start doing. Diet was simple to follow….not easy but possible….everything i needed to eat was all around me..I just had’nt seen till then. For the good part o fmy workout i didnt have a car so you can imagine how simple it is to stick to his diet …it was always a mental battle… Raj had always told me progression was the key. And that advice was money! So why was I intimidated…in all the 5 years of my workout I had focused minimally on legs and even less on deadlifts. Not surprisingly the program from raj was centered around deadlifts and squats.

Taking his progression advice I started my squats with (25 pound plate on each side…I admit it was funny to see a big guy like me who can bench 220 pounds in sleep, try hard to push just 100 pounds (less than half of my body weight)for squats..but I couldnt care less…form was way too important for me) My goal was to improve every week significantly. Raj’s diet helped me achieve my goal (and ofcourse my mind was set on pushing myself every day) and exceed it beyond my imaginations…within 5 weeks I was pushing 200 pounds on squats…clean squats…clean DLs (200 pounds).

All this while I was constantly updating him with my every single meal/workout. I had thousands of questions and raj helped me through every one of them inspite of the fact that he was extremely busy. I never had gone for more than 5 minutes without his response on a question. Now after roughly 7 weeks from the program…

I have…

1. Lost 20 pounds almost and am close to 200 pounds now
2. Lost 3.5 inches in my waist (mind boggling for me)
3. Reduced 3 inches in my neck and 5 to 6 inches over other areas
4. Increased my strength significantly and am able to add more and more intensity to my workouts
I feel a lot more healthy. I get good sleep. Most of these were indirect benefits. My target was mainly performance I wish such a trainer was accessible to me 5 years before when I started my workout journey. But its never too late. One word of advice to ppl who are scared of DLs…I was very very apprehensive abt it…but then I told myself there are two options…1) Overcome injury fears and make sure I do DLs with good form (even if it meant a empty bar i didnt care) to improve my lower back strength and be inury free…or 2) Neglect DLs for the possibility of injuries and risk significant degradation in lower back strength as I grow old. Option 1 looked good to me and so should it be to you.
Thanks Raj for your wonderful support, training advise and diet. I know I’m still a work in progress, but to see what I’ve achieved so far is a testimony to effectiveness of your program.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – x – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I am convinced that this lifestyle is one of the best, and I can very easily follow it for the rest of my life! – Divya

I am in my late 30s, have a one year old baby and obese per the BMI calculations. I was feeling about a 100years old at least, when it came to energy. Just getting through the day was a huge affair – especially when you have a baby who hardly sleeps night or day!!   One morning I got up with a head ache, leg ache and generally feeling miserable, and decided once and for all to do something about my health.  I dislike diets (have tried many!)  as they usually leave  me hungry or craving and therefore very angry. After a point I stopped losing weight as well.  Why couldn’t I just be like some friends who hogged everything in sight and didn’t put on even a kilo!

I came across few blogs that talked about avoiding grains. I was toying with giving the “grain-less diet” a last ditch effort, when I chanced upon Raj’s blog.  His story and especially the post on how his father overcame diabetes really impressed me.  In his own words “It’s one thing to prescribe a diet for a client… it’s a whole different thing to put your dad’s life on the line.”   I felt intrigued;  and also hopeful, that if he and his dad could do it maybe I could too.

In the meantime, my blood test showed me high cholesterol and a poor HDL/LDL ratio. My doctor advised me to “avoid fried stuff and get an hour of cardio exercise at least 5 times a week”.  I was bugged. I  am a vegetarian and have been pretty dogmatic about it, thanks to my cultural background.  No egg either, although dairy was okay; cheese, if it was made with vegetarian rennet!  Did “cholesterol “ mean,  I go grain-free and dairy-free too?    And how the hell was I going to do cardios (which I hate) with my baby hanging onto my hands and legs!!  I decided to write to Raj and see what happens!  Not that I was expecting a mail from a remote blogger!

To my great surprise and delight, I got a response  two days later, with clear advice based on the inputs I had given. Drop sugars and grains; have a cartload of vegetables, stick with curds (we don’t get grass fed dairy in aussie yet!); have paneer, whey protein, tempeh, some nuts.  For supplements he recommended fish oil, and helped me find a high strength one, which did not smell fishy, and did not need to be consumed in large quantities!  He also  recommended I get some exercise by joining a gym.

I followed his dietary advice, but exercised at home with a DVD (albeit my toddler grabbing my legs or jumping on me!!).   I found the first week surprisingly easy.   I felt quite comfortable with the new eating pattern and wasn’t getting hungry – perhaps thanks to the fish oil and curds! I was still tempted on occasion by a slice of bread or a cup of dal and rice.  I also had some energy swings, which Raj told me was to be expected, as my body gets adjusted to the new regimen. By the end of 3 weeks I stopped having cravings for sugar and grains!! I had lost 3 kilos, and not only did my energy swings stabilize, but I felt heaps of energy. After a long time, I willingly went on a family outing, where I landed up carrying my squirmy toddler for long hours most all over Manly Beach quite easily! It’s been two months now and I am 6 kilos down, have a lot more stamina than before.  My parents tell me a certain “puffy look” (I guess its inflammation) has gone.  I am better informed and don’t fear “high cholesterol”!! I am yet to get my lipid profile examined, and a check-up is due soon.  One interesting outcome from this diet which I did not expect came as a pleasant surprise.  For many years, I have had some digestive hassles which I never bothered about, as they didn’t bother me too much.  I simply assumed they were part of the ageing process (eg. Regurgitation, flatulence, burping, at times loose stools etc.) Looking back now, they all seemed to have disappeared overnight!

I am convinced that this lifestyle is one of the best, and I can very easily follow it for the rest of my life. The “cheat meals” are lavish, not because I crave them, but because we do travel, eat out with friends etc., and a clean meal is not always possible.  I have been following Raj’s blog regularly, as well as his Facebook page, where there is ongoing advice on foods.   My next step is to start “sensible exercising”, and I hope to be able to say that I can do push ups and pull ups some day!!

What Raj is doing is improving lives across the globe. He is very committed and very sincere in his  recommendations, even to casual blog readers.  Good for him, and god bless him.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – x – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Initially it sounded like Raj was determined to ‘kill’ me with exercises! – Satish

Raj’s program was very professionally drawn out. It had a clear set of instructions and left very little room for confusion. I was happy to understand not just what to eat but also ‘why’ I should eat only what I eat. (Following his blog regularly helped here). The exercise routine sounded greek to me at first. Ofcourse I had never been to the gym in my entire life. So no points for guessing how it would have felt to me in the beginning. Soon I started to work out exactly how it was mentioned, some days I would try to exceed the workout mentioned.

Initially it sounded like Raj was determined to ‘kill’ me with exercises. But it was so because I had been out of shape  and my body was not responding well. Once the routine set in, I was totally at ease following the frequency and duration of the workouts mentioned. In fact there are days, when I have doubled the intensity of workload and managed it comfortably. Raj doesnt state that you should exercise 24×7. This is a great advantage. Its important to have ‘practical’ routines and Raj was very helpful here.

I know Raj for many years. That really helped. Knowing that he has an ‘art’ of speaking his mind without any inhibition but with good intent at heart, I was in a much better position to work with him on this.

For the past three months, I have done this routine, have lost around 12 kgs (26.5 lb). I am looking much trimmer and yeah, family ppl are quite happy to see the results and are impressed. Surely, I have some more distance to go. I want a perfect 6 pack. Someday soon, I hope to achieve that as well.

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  4. swarna mani May 2, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    Have been following your blog for sometime…good stuff…
    2 questions:
    Where are your classes conducted and how to enroll?
    I have a five year old who is very active but constantly suffers from cold and cough, we are also south Indian vegetarians, what kind of food change would you suggest to help him build his immunity?
    Thanks for the great work

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  7. Noopur agarwal August 26, 2011 at 2:54 am

    my name is noopur agarwal..i live in noida(close to new delhi), i am 29yrs old,a housewife. i weigh 67.5kgs and my height is 5 ft… and i desperately wanted to loose wt….i came to know abt you from one of my friend shubhneet kaur from hyderabad . please help me to fullfill my dream of getting in shape………..i am a strict vegetarian(no egg, no meat)…..waiting to hear from u soon….
    noopur agarwal

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  10. Preea natarajan April 8, 2012 at 8:36 am

    My name is preea natarajan. I live in Bangalore and happened to come across your blog. Sounds very interesting. I have been working out regularly and with diet control I have managed to loose 11kg. But now I feel I have reached a plateau. Need to break that. I need your help with my diet. Waiting to hear from you.

  11. shilpa ranganath August 7, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    Hi Raj,
    I am Shilpa Ranganath . I am regular with my exercising and maintain good eating habit as well but not been able to lose weight.I am struggling hard but in vain. So ,when i was surfing thru net found the link to your blog.Would like to hear from you some suggestions

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