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World’s fittest people

Like for most men, my journey towards fitness has always been a quest for strength (and in turn muscle). I read everything about strength. I did everything I could to get strong as soon as possible. I worked in short rep ranges, lifted very heavy loads, ate everything which had a face and a soul and lived a life which seemed more beautiful when I hit a deadlift PR than when my wife kissed me.

Over the years all I was left with was regret. I never gained enough muscle. I never got strong enough. My arms were never big enough. My abs weren’t visible enough. And, most importantly, nothing ever happened soon enough. I always thought I wasn’t doing enough.

But looking back, in the process of losing 45 lb of fat, gaining 25 lb of muscle and, most importantly, falling in love with fitness, I’ve realized that there is no quest. There is no race. There is no such thing as “enough”. The world’s fittest people are not the ones who lift the most weight or run the fastest mile or have the most defined set of abs but the ones who sustain an active lifestyle for the longest.  And you and I can be one of them.

Find something you love. Do it repeatedly because you enjoy doing it. Train to get better at it. Rinse and repeat.

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