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3 Workouts, 4 Weeks, Guaranteed Results – Can you stay consistent?

Listen. This stuff works. I’ve tried it myself and have had clients try it too. If you can suck it up for the next 4 weeks and do these 3 workouts per week, you will find yourself in a much better fitness level than right now. Question is, can you stay consistent for these short 4 weeks?

If you said yes, read on ‘cos you’re about to surprise yourself with 4 weeks of effort. If you said no, don’t waste your time reading this. Please continue your eternal search for the magic pill.

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You’re an intermediate if…

  • You can comfortably perform 25+ legit pushups and 10+ solid pullups/chinups.
  • You (at least) know what ‘linear progression’ means.
  • You are aware of proper technique in most lifts and are capable of learning new moves fairly quickly.
  • You have done one or more of my previous workouts.

You’re an enthusiastic beginner if…

  • You understand you are a beginner and are ready to put in the work required to move up the fitness ladder.
  • You have no ego and are open to modifying moves to suit your fitness level.
  • You are not an idiot and are open to learning technique and fixing your movement patterns before jumping up in weight.
  • You don’t hesitate to comment and ask for modifications and/or ways to work around your injuries, constraints etc.
You need…
  • A pair of dumbbells and a chinups bar/ledge/door
  • A 6ft x 3ft patch of ground
  • About 3 hours of time per week
  • A no-excuse no-BS mindset

Warm up

Do the following in as many sets as required. Take breaks as required. The point is to “warm-up”, so don’t over do it and get wasted.


  • 100 Jumping jacks
  • 40 Lunges (10/leg)
  • 40 Squats
  • 20 Broad jumps
  • 60 Arm circles (30/side)
  • 40 Pushups
  • 60 Hinges


  • 60 Jumping jacks
  • 20 Lunges (10/leg)
  • 20 Squats
  • 10 Broad jumps
  • 60 Arm circles (30/side)
  • 40 Knee-pushups
  • 60 hinges

Workout 1


  • Weighted jump squats: 5 sets of 8-12 reps (Goal is to use a weight that allows you to clear the ground comfortably for the entire set. No ugly reps.)
  • Weighted pushups: 5 sets of 8-12 reps (Use a weight that allows you to push off the ground explosively for the entire set. No grinding out reps.)
  • Chinups: 5 sets of max reps (but not going to failure in any set.)


  • Do only 3 sets per move.
  • Modify. Do bodyweight squat jumps, do pushups or knee pushups instead of weighted ones and do let-me ins instead of chiups.

Workout 2


75 Weighted burpees (Rest as required. Explode in each pushup and each jump. No blurpees. Only solid strong burpees.)


  • Do 40-75 regular burpees based on your fitness level. If you can 10+ pushups, do 6-step-burpees, else stick to 4-step burpees.
  • Explode in each pushup and each junp. No blurpees. Only solid strong burpees.

Workout 3


  • One-arm clean and press: 15 sets of 2 reps per arm (Choose a dumbbell you can press only 5 times. Clean the dumbbell violently and press it twice. Drop, rest 30 sec and repeat on other arm.)
  • High knees in place or wall sprints: 4 sets of 15 sec max intensity sets. (Get crazy with it! Nough said.)


  • Do the following instead of the clean & press – Choose a weight that you can press only 5 times. While maintaining a straight back, pick up the heavy dumbbell from the floor with both hands and bring it up to your chest. Press the weight twice overhead with both hands. Place the dumbbell back on the floor. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat this for a total of 15 times.


  • Do these 3 workouts consistently for 4 weeks. Do them on alternate days ensuring you have at least 1 off day between two workout days. So a mon-wed-fri or a tue-thur-sat type schedule works well.
  • Each week try to increase the weight you use by a reasonable about (~ 2kg) while still performing the move with good form.
  • Eat real food. If your goal is to gain some mass, eat 3 good meals a day with at least one meal being above appetite. If your goal is to lose fat, eat 2 good meals a day skipping breakfast or 3  small meals a day with all meals being slightly below appetite.
  • Bonus: Maintain a diet log and you’ll be surprised at how big an effect that has on your nutrition.

If you do these they way I have laid them out and eat real food, again, per the recommendations, you WILL see results. Period.

Peace out.

Time Efficient Training – 15 min Bodyweight Training

If you consider the average person, he/she is more likely ‘to try to’ eat clean than to workout and, if workout is on the cards, he/she is definitely going to want to hop on a treadmill/elliptical or go for a run/bike ride than to actually perform a proper resistance training session. While there is nothing wrong with running, there are too many things right with resistance training to neglect it. If getting fit is your goal, resistance training is an absolute necessity (and we’ll discuss why in a different blog post).

When I asked a bunch of folks why they choose cardio on machines or running over resistance training, I got a number of answers… at least 50 different answers really. But when I looked into those answers in a little more detail, they all trickle down to the following….

  • Resistance training is time consuming.
  • I don’t know enough about resistance training to be able to design a workout. Its just easier to run.
  • I don’t know how to perform most of the exercises.
  • Home is where I can workout and that makes it impossible to do resistance training.
  • Driving to the gym and back takes too long and is more time that I can afford.
  • Gym memberships are expensive and so are buying equipment to be able to workout at home.

And among these answers lack of time, equipment unavailability and lack of program design knowledge seemed to be the most common! So, in this article, I’m going to give you some workouts that will work pretty much every part of your body, take less than 20 min, require little to no equipment and get you fit n fayne! Maybe you’ll consider resistance training then?

Beginner Bodyweight Training:

Workout 1:

– Choose a push-up variation that you can only do 20 of and a pull-up variation that you can only do 10 of.

  • Minute 1: 15 push-ups, 4 pull-ups
  • Minute 2: 12 push-ups, 6 pull-ups
  • Minute 3: 10 push-ups, 8 pull-ups
  • Minute 4: 12 push-ups, 6 pull-ups
  • Minute 5: 15 push-ups, 4 pull-ups

Repeat once more.

Total time ~ 10 min

Workout 2:

  • Max Height Jump Squats x 10
  • Jumping Lunges x 10/leg
  • Pike Presses x 10
  • Rest 30 sec

Repeat for a total of 4 rounds

Total time ~ 8 min

Workout 3:

  • Rest 30 sec.

Repeat for a total of 10 rounds.

Total time ~ 10 min.

Total weekly workout time ~ 30 min

Intermediate/Advanced Bodyweight Training:

Workout 1:

  • Weighted Pushups: 1 set of 8-10 reps
  • BW Chinups: 1 set of 70% Max reps
  • Pistol Squats: 1 set of 70% Max reps
  • Rest 1 min

Repeat for a total of 4 rounds.

Total time ~ 15 min

Workout 2:

  • All-out Sprint 20 sec
  • Plank for 40 sec

Repeat for a total of 8 rounds

Total time ~ 8 min

Workout 3:

  • Hindu Pushups: 1 set of max reps
  • Chinups: 1 set of max reps

Rest 2 min

  • Broad jump x 2
  • Squat jump x 4

Repeat for a total of 5 rounds.

Rest 2 min

  • Hindu Pushups: 1 set of max reps [Goal is to beat first set]
  • Chinups: 1 set of max reps [Goal is to beat first set]

Total time ~ 15 min

Total weekly workout time ~ 40 min

Don’t tell me you don’t have time for this! Do these three workouts every week for six weeks in addition to eating real food and I promise you that you will look, feel and function way better than you do right now! In the next post in this series, I’ll list out a few workouts that need nothing more than a single dumbbell. Trust me, it will be fun!


What my current workouts look like

Some of you had emailed asking me what my workout looks like and so I thought I’ll randomly post yesterday’s workout (since today is a rest day) and then quickly go over last week’s spread.

Monday – 13th December ’10


  • Strength & Strength Endurance


  • 200-500 m Row
  • SMFR (glutes, hams, IT band, quads, back etc.)
  • Mobility work (kicks, bridges, BW good morning, shoulder rotations etc.)

Warm-Up Sets:

  • Back Squats: 45# x 5, 45# x 5, 95# x 5, 135# x 5, 155# x 4, 175# x 3
  • Pushups: BW x 10, BW x 10, BW x 10
  • Dips: BW x 5, BW+25# x 5
  • Pullups: BW x 10, BW x 10, BW+25# x 5

Work Sets:

  • Back Squats: 190# x 5; Rest 60-90 sec
  • Weighted Dips: BW+50# x 5; Rest 60-90 sec
  • Weighted Pullups: BW+40# x 5; Rest 60-90 sec
  • Back Squats: 190# x 5; Rest 60-90 sec
  • One Arm Pushups: Right x 10; Left x 10; Rest 60-90 sec
  • Weighted Pullups: BW+40# x 5; Rest 60-90 sec
  • Back Squats: 190# x 5; Rest 60-90 sec
  • Max Rep Pushups: BW x 35; 60-90 sec
  • Weighted Pullups: BW+20# x 10; Rest 60-90 sec
  • 1 set of bicep curls (weights insignificant)
  • 1 set of rope tricep extensions (weights insignificant)
  • 1 set of wrist curls (weights insignificant)


  • Lower Body: Hamstrings, Quads, Glutes
  • Upper Body: Chest, Lats, Shoulders
  • Lower back & Spine

Total time in gym – 55 mins (changing time included)

My weekly split is pretty spread out and I train different aspects of fitness on different days. For example, last week was as below.

  • Monday – Strength
  • Tuesday – Light Endurance (4 km row)
  • Wednesday – Strength
  • Thursday – Mobility, Stretching, Rest
  • Friday – Strength, Strength Endurance (Pause squats, Chest to Bar Chinups, Dumbbell Presses etc.)
  • Saturday – Skill (one arm push-ups, towel pull-ups, dumbbell snatches and handstand push-ups)
  • Sunday – Plyometrics (squat jumps, knee tucks, split-jumps, clapping pushups etc.)

There it is… sane, simple and super enjoyable!

A Dumbbell…

…is all you have. No worries. You can get some amazing workouts done with just a single dumbbell!

List of exercises:

Dumbbell swings

Dumbbell cleans

Turkish Get Ups

Reverse Wood Choppers

Half Moons

* Use dumbbell instead of sandbag.

Weighted Situps

* Use dumbbell instead of plates.

One Arm Snatches

One Arm Overhead Squats

One Arm Sumo Deadlift

Single Dumbbell Thrusters

* Hold dumbbell using two hands if required.

So here are 10 awesome exercises you can do with just one dumbbell. Club these with the list of bodyweight workouts I posted earlier and you’ve got yourself a monster of a workout! As far as combinations are concerned… the sky is the limit. 10 dumbbell exercises & 10 body weight exercises can combine to give you a more than a 1000 workouts! Get creative or shoot me an email and I’ll send you some workouts.


– Form is most important. If this is the first time you are doing an exercise pay close attention to the form in the video and please start with a light weight.

– If at any point during the exercise you feel pain or discomfort… stop immediately. No exercise is worth the risk of injury. There is always another workout which will give you the same results.

Sample Workouts using Single Dumbbell Exercises & Bodyweight Exercises:

Example 1:

5 rounds not for time…

10 Dumbbell Swings

15 Situps

20 Bodyweight Squats

15 One Arm Sumo Deadlifts

10 Dumbbell Half Moons

Example 2:

5 rounds for time…

10 Pushups (Knee pushups if required)

10 Weighted Situps

10 One Arm Snatches

Example 3:

Run 1000 m as fast as you can

Rest 2 min

50 Dumbbell swings for time

Rest 2 min

50 One Arm Overhead Squats for time (25 per hand)

Rest 2 min

100 Lunge Steps (50 per leg)


– All workouts are only guidelines. Use weights & reps based on your fitness level.

– Warm up sufficiently before each workout. Stretch well after each workout.

Hope these exercises will give you guys new ideas and let me know if I can be of any help in making your workouts more interesting.

To strength & longevity.

Workout 22nd June ’10


Leg Press

– 290 lbs x 5

– 330 lbs x 5

– 370 lbs x 5

– 415 lbs x 5

– 415 lbs x 5

– 415 lbs x 5

* The machine maxed out at 415… but I was pretty close to my 5 rep max too.


Intervals on elliptical for 8 mins: 30 sec @ 90% intensity /30 sec @ <30% intensity

Rest 2-3 mins

5 rounds for time of…

10 situp burpees (= in one motion do a situp, stand up and jump)

7 one arm dumbbell snatches (40 lbs)

Total time- 8:50

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