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Do something already!

We read about the why people think they fail in their fat loss goals and then we read about why fat loss is truly simple… and now comes the most important part.

Its not all or nothing!

Say you want to go from point A to point B. Will you ever get to point B if you don’t ever leave point A? More specifically, if you want to go from fatburg to fitshire, irrespective of how long your journey is, will you ever get to fitshire if you won’t ever leave fatburg?

My point is, most people lose the battle cos they refuse to fight it! The most important step towards reaching your goals is to not do the right thing but to…

do something!

If you know you’re in bad shape or want to get in better shape, well, do something about it already! Stop complaining. Stop whining. Stop finding excuses. Stop waiting for the best opportunity. Just freakin DO SOMETHING!

And what is something? Honestly, anything other than nothing is something. Off the top of my head, here are a few ‘somethings’ you can do.

  • Drop junk. Start by reducing the frequency of junk consumption.
  • Eat more protein. If you’re vegetarian read this article.
  • Make a conscious effort to eat more vegetables and less starch.
  • Drop wheat and other potential allergens for the most part. i.e. dont fear wheat, but don’t make it a staple either.
  • Dump vegetable oils at home. Enjoy your ghee and butter and coconut oil and save the vegetable oils for the unavoidable situations.
  • Move some weight. Doesnt matter if these are barbells or bar stools. Move em!
  • Do pushups, squats and chinups if you can do them. If you can’t, feel ashamed and work on getting strong enough to do them.
  • Stay mobile. Don’t sit if you can stand. Don’t stand if you can walk. Make a decision to walk 15 min today. Walk for an extra 2 min every day and in a month you would have found enough time and heart to walk 75 mins a day.
  • Sprint. If you don’t know how to sprint, run as fast as you can for a short distance. Rest for a couple of mins and repeat a few times.
  • Work on developing some common sense. No seriously. Pizza doesn’t make you obese. Sugar doesn’t kill. Stupidity resulting in frequent uncontrolled gluttony is what messes you up.

It is not all or nothing folks… its never all or nothing. You don’t have to do everything I recommend (or anyone else does). Find what works for you at this very moment and start with that. You can make further improvements later.

As a matter of fact, as you read this line right now, make a decision to do something. Small, big… doesn’t matter. Make a decision… quick! Confused? OK here is one I recommend – throw out the junk from the house. All of it. If you want junk, you can walk to the store, buy some and eat it there. We’ll figure out the rest later. Just do this for now.

Don’t refuse to start cos its all too intimidating.

I now eat a diet that is 70% grains (rice or wheat) with some vegetables cooked in vegetable oil, some low fat dairy, fruit juice and snacks. You want me to dump all grains and fruit juice? Ok that’s 80% of my diet gone! And you want me to dump vegetable oils? Ok… thats another 10% gone! And you want me to eat only whole organic dairy? Wow Raj! You’re telling me everything I eat is wrong. Your approach is too intimidating! I’ll get to it when I am in a better place in life.

I get this all the time and I totally understand where you are coming from. But remember, it took you 20+ years to be able to earn and support yourself and a family. Imagine doing this when you were 13? Scary shit right? Same deal! Making a complete dietary change might be too hard and intimidating for you. If that is the case, take it slow. Make one change at a time. Transition into eating real food. It is much easier than you think it is.

There is money on the table!

Too many people fuck around too much and end up doing nothing. This is truly the story of everyone’s life. I understand there is so much information about fat loss and health (all claiming to be legit) out there and it is equally easy to be overwhelmed with all this as it is to stay ignorant. But, seriously, cut the crap.

Listen. I know berries have more fiber and anti-oxidants than bananas. Yes, ghee is better than butter. And yea, sprinting is more beneficial than low intensity cardio. But these are minutiae! If you can reduce your consumption of junk food, industrial seed oils and allergenic grains (wheat, quinoa etc.) to once or twice a week,  eat more organic vegetables, fruits, meat and good fats and stay active in life by moving some, playing a sport and/or training smart 2-3 times a week, you are 90% there! In other words, these are money on the table! Just pick em up! Figure out the rest later.

Truth is, you will always find one excuse or the other to put this away. Why? Because transformations are hard and you, naturally, will find reasons to avoid doing it. Explains the astronomical success of the supplement industry in the recent years doesn’t it?

Stop waiting for the most perfect diet or the one pill that will make you look awesome or everything in life to line up so you can start eating well ‘cos these things won’t ever happen! Be it “I work 12 hours a day” or “I don’t want to shower twice a day” or “My gym is too far” or “I don’t know how to cook real food”, they all mean the same thing – “I don’t have the will to commit to making a change. I’m weak. I’m not efficient enough to make time for my and my family’s health. I’m full of excuses!”

You and only you can make a difference to your health and it is up to you to do so. Or let’s make this 937 word article short and just say…

Suck it up and do something already!

Peace out.

He that is good for making excuses…

… is seldom good for anything else” – Ben Franklin

‘I’m too busy’

This is the one excuse I hear from people all the time. To not workout or to not do whatever… this is the perfect excuse! Why? Because ‘I’m busy’ could only mean ‘Damn this guy is important!’ Or thats what you think.

Seriously folks… this is getting too old! You know and I know and we all know when someone says that they dont have the time to do something it really means that they either dont want to or they dont have the discipline to get it done. We’re all busy. But the point is to make time for important things… and very few things are more important than your health! Period.

If you look into your day a little more closely chances are…

1. You’re doing stuff that you don’t really need to do. For eg. Hours of TV, Facebook, Youtube, Online chatting… you get it.
2. You’re day isn’t as organized as you think it is. Make a few changes here and there and Voila! A whole hour!
3. You are genuinely busy… but you realize you can make some changes to accommodate some quality time for physical activity.
4. If the top 3 points didn’t apply to you… then you are indeed super busy and 24hrs isn’t enough for you. That should mean you’re pretty important and someone needs you alive longer! Do what it takes.

So… for our beloved excuse makers here are some tips.

I don’t have 7-10hrs per week to exercise.

Exercise does not have to be a long detailed process… neither does it have to be done at a gym. Exercise or working out or physical activity or training is simply the action of moving one’s body. (Rant: It is a sad state of affairs that we live in an age where we need to be educated to move… which is our most primal instinct as humans!) A week has 168hrs and 3-4hrs a week (2% of your time) of activity can keep you in top shape!  How? Read on.

When I want to workout I end up not knowing what to do.

For those who do well with minimal guidance…
2 days/week of lifting (30mins per day). Just lift/carry/move heavy stuff in a controlled & repetitive manner. Add in some push ups & pull ups.
1 day/week – medium intensity endurance (30mins)
1 day/week – high intensity endurance or conditioning (15-20mins)
1 day/week – active recovery (45-60mins)

For those of you who like a little more specificity… hang on… a blog post explaining what to do when and why is on its way. If you’re super inspired and don’t want to wait contact me.

I only want to do something that I enjoy. I haven’t found that something yet.

Are you kidding me? Seriously! Just off the top of my head let me list the different activities that you can enroll yourself in within a week…

– kickboxing, dancing, crossfit, zumba, pilates, yoga, rock climbing, spinning, distance running, olympic strength training, gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, track & field events, basketball, slack walking and I can keep going on and on.

Are you telling me that you’ve tried all this and you still haven’t found something that you enjoy? Bananas!

I’m the type that gets bored easily… so I cant keep doing the same thing over & over again.

You don’t have to… actually… you shouldn’t be doing the same thing over and over again. It’s important to not let your body get used to the stimulus (exercise) you provide and hence its important to mix things up every once in a while. For example…
Medium Intensity Endurance: Run, bike, row, swim, circuit workouts, steep hikes
High Intensity Endurance: Sprint repeats (100m, 400m, 800m), Tabata intervals, Crossfit metcons, Hill sprints
Active Recovery: Yoga, hike, walk,  play with your dog, slow biking for pleasure
Strength Training: I’m not even going to try. Just google strength training or go to bodybuilding.com and there is an over abundance of exercises.

What about food… that’s a big deal right?

Nutrition is responsible for 70-80% of your results. I’d rather have you eat squeaky clean and not workout than to have you work your butt off and eat garbage. Let’s keep nutrition simple. No need for detailed spreadsheets & times as to when you should eat what. Stick to the following rules 90% of the times and you’re good to go.
1. Eat when your hungry. Only when you’re hungry. Stop eating when you doubt that there is a slight chance that you may be close to being full.
2. Eat real food… only real food. Throw the junk out. Real food = Vegetables, fruits, meat, nuts, dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese). (A blog post dedicated to junk on the way)
3. Include a protein in every meal. Aim for 0.75gms of protein per pound of body mass. (For eg. if you weigh 160lbs you should aim for ~120gms of protein per day)
4. Include plenty of good fats like nuts, avocados, egg yolks, coconut, olive oil.
5. Drink plenty of water. Yes… more than you drink now.
6. Take a multi-vitamin & fish oil capsules everyday.

Read this. The smallest & most informational book on nutrition you will ever find.

I don’t know how to cook.

Learn to cook. Period. If you figured out how to use the internet… you can figure out how to cook. The best recipes are made with the freshest of ingredients and with very minimal cooking time. Try your hand at cooking… you’ll love it.

Check this book out… or one from the million others that are available or just do a google search on quick and healthy recipes.

I’m sure there are other excuses you can come up with. But am also doubly sure I can come up with a counter to that excuse and give you a reason to stay active.

Bottom line: Whoever you are… whatever you think… eating right and staying active is the ONLY way to a healthy & long life.

Your best option: Make a conscious effort to eat clean and start doing some form of sustainable physical activity. If you think you need professional help… feel free to contact me or any physical trainer.

Finally for some motivation…
If Amy Palmiero can do it… you can too.

If Charlie Pattison can do it… you can too.


Get out

I’d like to kick start this blog with one of my favorite topics… Getting Out of One’s Comfort Zone. The hardest part of any training is the mental game. By mental game I mean the stuff that goes on inside your head when you put your body through stress i.e training. It’s happened to every one of us. When you do a 10k run or a 400m sprint or when you’re lifting heavy sh*t or when you’re holding a hard yoga pose there is a point when your brain goes ‘Why are you doing this to yourself… just chill out!‘. If this has never happened to you… then you just haven’t trained hard enough.

Ever wondered why your brain asks you to quit more often when you’re doing something that you suck at? Well… that’s because people tend to like doing what they’re good at and hate doing what they suck at! But unfortunately that one thing that you avoid doing because you hate it… that’s what is keeping you from reaching your goals.

I, personally, would try anything at least once! I used to run… and nothing but run. From there I moved on to bodybuilding style workouts… and then on to incorporating yoga… and then added compound movements… and then moved on to power lifting style workouts… and then to adding some short high-intensity metabolic conditioning workouts in place of long ass cardio. What has this made me? A mess? Hells no! Today I’m still crazy about running… but I’m also addicted to lifting some heavy junk… I understand how yoga makes me a better athlete… I sprint faster… jump higher and most importantly, I’m injured much less. Overall I am ‘fitter’ than I was a few months back. Being better than yesterday in some form or function should be your greatest goal.

You might be an endurance athlete. Spend Invest time working on strength and high intensity metabolic activities…. I guarantee you better times.
You might be a bodybuilder. Spend Invest time working on yoga and interval training…. I guarantee you lesser injuries and better body composition.
You might be crazy about yoga. Spend Invest time working on strength training…. I guarantee you easier & longer isometric holds.

You think you’re fit because you recently ran a marathon. But wait… there’s more to fitness… there’s ALWAYS more to fitness. There are things you can do that will make you a better runner. ‘Like what’ you ask. ‘Like yoga’ I say… ‘like calisthenics‘ I say… ‘like squats’ I say. There are at least 10 more in the ‘I say’ list. ‘But why should I do all these’ you ask. ‘Because they are so damn good for you’ I say.

Don't be this guy...!

One thing I hear from a lot of my clients:
‘I don’t want to focus on strength training because that will affect my endurance.’ (or vice versa)
Sure it will… that’s temporary though! Look at the big picture. Getting stronger will only help you with your goals and working on your endurance will only help you sustain energy production longer. Strive to be a runner who at the finish line can carry his girlfriend/wife overhead! The women folk can have the same goal… in which case you might have to consider calling yourself a lesbian couple.

Fitness is not specialization. True fitness is a chain… wherein each link is your ability to perform certain feats. And of course… you are only as strong as your weakest link. If you can squat 600lbs but can’t run a mile… you’re of no good to anyone. Similarly if you can run 50miles but cant lift a 100lbs box off the ground… you’re of not much use either.

Do yourself a favor and do the following.

Step 1: Look into your training and find out what you suck at.
Step 2: Step up and do it.
Step 3: Do it more… and then some more.
Step 4: Watch yourself grow.

Working on your weaknesses is THE most important aspect of any training and the shortest way to success. An athlete does what he is good at. A good athlete knows what he is bad at. A great athlete does repeatedly what he is bad at… gets better at it… finds another weakness and so on and so forth.

Check this out. In my book this guy is the God of transformations…!

2002: Anorexic kid weighing 120 lbs (Click here to read about anorexia)
2007: World record holding competitive eater weighing 230 lbs

Click here to read his story

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be Lance Armstrong or Ronnie Coleman or Furious Pete or Jack Lalanne… but I live, breathe & train to be better tomorrow than I am today. If you train for the same reason… then there is no excuse! Find your weaknesses & make them your strengths.

Ok… I’m off to go work on my flexibility now.
Peace out!

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