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Sugar kills! Cardio is critical! Carbs & fat make you fat! Really?

Too many myths… too little truth! Until now…

Food doesn't make you fat... it makes you happy!

“Sugar kills”

Sure it does… when you OD on it. But so do processed meat and grains and, well, work!

It isn’t that one spoon of sugar you add to your coffee every morning that screws things up for you. It is your healthy sweet breakfast cereals with dehydrated fruit lookalikes and energy bars with 100% real chemicals and guiltless fat free desserts and fruit juices with added vitamins and healthy probiotic flavored yogurts that do! Stay away from making sugar a staple by letting it sneak its way into everything you eat and you’ll be fine having that coffee a lil sweet!

And of course, if that spoon of sugar features multiple times a day, then you’re just asking for trouble. But you’re smart enough to understand that, right?

Verdict – Rarely, add sugar to food and make it less healthy. Dont eat, frequently, ‘health’ foods that have added sugars/sweeteners. 

“Carbs and fat when eaten together make you fat”

No they dont! They make you jump up in joy ‘cos carbs + fat = delicious!

Sure a combination of carbs and fat makes you stuff your face. But you know what else makes you stuff your face ever so often? A combination of stupidity & gluttony! Have some common sense. Eat real food for the most part, stay away from making junk food and nutrition-less foods (like grains and sugar) a staple and you wont have to worry about counting your carbs or fat or calories.

Verdict – Stop fearing food and fix your relationship with food. Understand nutrition and make wise choices. Some common sense goes a long way.

“The easiest way to make your festivals healthy is blah blah”

And what is the easiest way to shut you up?!

Festivals are meant to be a time when folks get together, share memories, laugh and, well, eat! Don’t mess with it. As long as your nutrition is solid year round, going crazy 3-4 times a year won’t do any harm to your health and/or abs! Let me put this in perspective.

1 kilo of fat =  7700 calories. So for you to gain 1 kg of fat, you will have to eat 7700 extra calories in that day! Let’s say your apetite is as big as mine and you do end up eating that many calories. What happens? Your body will automatically force you to eat less in the next few days and set things back to normal. Fat gain is only a problem when this type of gluttony becomes a frequently recurring event. As long as such gluttony is reserved for the truly special 3-4 occasions in a year, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Verdict – Stop pigging our every other day, eat real, wholesome and nutritious food year round and go to town on that cheesecake on your (truly) special occasions!

“More is better”

No. Better is better.

If training 3 days a week doesn’t produce your desired results (fat loss or muscle gain), look into nutrition, sleep and stress. Are you eating the right foods? Are you eating the right amounts? Are you staying active during your rest days? Are you getting at least 7 hours of sleep per day? Is your stress level minimal to nil?

If you answered yes to all these questions (and trust me when I say 99.9% of people don’t), then look into your training intensity. Most people’s highs are too low and lows are too high. Are you working hard when you do train or are you just going through the motions? Is your high intensity truly high? Is your low intensity truly low? Only after that should you even maybe consider possibly adding a short workout as day 4.

Verdict – Clean up your act first before asking for more scenes! 

“Early morning is the best time to workout”

I don’t care how many studies have been done on workout timing and calorie expenditure and how convincing the results were, but as far as the real world is concerned, the best time to workout will always be the time you actually can workout! What if early AM workout burns 5% more calories? As a matter of fact, what if it burns 50% more calories? If the only time you can workout is evening, do those numbers even matter to you?

Verdict – Find a time during the day at which you can consistently workout and get it done! Less research, more development.

“Cardio is the critical”

You’re right… if by cardio you meant mobility!

Talk to as many ever beat up athletes as you want and ask them what they wished they did more of. I guarantee you every single one of them will say mobility!

I understand lifting weights is flashy and running marathons pumps you up and sprinting till you can’t feel your legs no more makes you feel like you’re da king… but mobility, as boring, slow and painful as it is, is the thing that will save your ass later in life. As for cardio… thats just a waste of time.

Verdict – Mobility trumps everything else! Without mobility you’re just a big bag of immobile fat or muscle… both equally useless.

“Its all about number of repetitions”

Wrong! It’s about about ROM folks! Not read-only-memory you silly software man. Get off them chairs and look around! Its 2011 and you are fat, wearing bermudas to work and listening to BS boys! We’re talking range of motion.

I would much rather have you perform 3 reps of any exercise with full ROM than 30 reps with compromised ROM. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a bodyweight lunge or a 200 kilo squat or a weighted pushup or a bicep curl – if your ROM is not optimal, you’re asking for joint issues. Do mobility work, move through your full ROM and take good care of those joints and they will take care of you for a long time to come.

Also realize the irony here – the main purpose you (knowingly or unknowingly) move through a shorter range of motion is be able to move more weight but working through a shorter range of motion results in making you weaker and restricts you from using more weight eventually!

Verdict – If you’re not going all the way… you’re not going any where!

Peace out!

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