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Very random thoughts

1. It doesn’t matter how you spin it – if you want to remove sugar from your diet, you need to remove everything sweet from your diet.

2. Fat loss = 60% nutrition + 20% exercise + 20% sleep & stress. That equation = 100% made up, but you get the idea.

3. Women don’t get bulky from weight training and supplementing with whey. If it were that easy, most guys today will look like Arnold.

4. Bodybuilding is not always the answer. Fitness is.

5. No you don’t need tricep extensions.

6. Yes you need mobility work.

7. Not everyone needs to eat low carb or low fat. But everyone absolutely needs to eat real food. Real food for humans is like diesel for a diesel engine.

8. Not everyone needs to run marathons or deadlift 2 x BW, but everyone absolutely needs to stay active. So shut up and start doing something already.

9. Theres sugar, brown sugar, honey, jaggery, maple syrup etc etc. But what is the best sugar for diabetics? No sugar. And I’m hoping thats not a new brand.

10. No food is of any nutritional significance if quality sucks. Such is the case with dairy and meat and eggs and vegetables and everything else that is edible.

11. Yoga is awesome. But so it strength training and running and MMA and rock climbing and surfing and swimming. So what is the awesomest? Realizing nothing is is what is awesomest.

12. Its not the teaspoon of sugar in your coffee thats messing you up. It is the healthy snack time biscuits, heart healthy breakfast cereals, health food drinks, all natural fruit juices and sugar-free indulgences that are.

13. Fruit is great. Convenient, slightly nutritious and sweet… like nature’s candy. And thats exactly what it is… nature’s candy.

14. More important than when you workout is that you workout. Stop with the excuses and find a way to stay active.

15. Meat is murder. So is agriculture. Anything and everything you do to ensure you don’t kill, is just your way of convincing yourself that you are doing the right thing. Kind of like giving money to a beggar. Once you realize that for you to live something has to die, you’ll live a guilty and guilt-free life. You’ll understand when you get there.

16. Low intensity cardio, medium intensity cardio, high intensity cardio – they all suck. Save your time and focus on full body moves that improve performance.

17. And NO, you don’t have to be an athlete to worry about performance. Performance is everything from waking up ache free to living without medication to being able to play with your kids to performing sufficiently in the bedroom to being able to tackle whatever life throws at you.

18. Size 0 for women is like 6 pack abs for skinny men – ridiculous, functionless and dangerous. Strong > skinny. Get your mind right.

19. I moved from low volume heavy lifting to high volume bodyweight focussed training. I feel awesome! In fact, I haven’t felt this good since when I moved from high volume bodyweight focussed training to low volume heavy lifting.

20. If you’ve been reading this blog for even a month and haven’t made the basic changes even, you’ve got to be either stupid or full of excuses.

21. And of course, George Carlin is a genius.

Random Thoughts

I’ve been writing too many long, detailed and serious posts lately. Ugh! I feel weird and old and can only imagine how sick you guys feel reading all this!

Generally, I like to keep the information simple to understand and my writing fun to read. So I figured its time for a random thoughts post.

Here we go…

  • Whey protein, in all its greatness, is basically a sugar fix for most people (myself included)! Try eating the unsweetened unflavored ones and you’ll run to the closest meat market instead!
  • None of my clients/readers have had any problems whatsoever in following the ‘eat real food’ guidelines… as long as they get to eat some rice and whey post workout! 😉
  • Low carb eaters eat way more vegetables than high carb eaters. Most folks I put on a low carb diet eat ~1-3 lb of vegetables everyday!
  • Low carb doesn’t mean ‘no carb’. It just means you don’t stuff your face with carbs in every meal  every damn day!
  • I see many readers and clients of mine going from munching fries and pizza and savory fried snacks to eating vegetables and yogurt and nuts and eggs instead. And surprisingly they seem to lose fat, sleep better, get rid of joint pains and eliminate bloating instantly. I wonder why!
  • There are two things which play a much more critical role on health, fat loss and strength than diet does. They are sleep and work/life stress level.
  • Its awesome how I don’t have to write about the ill effects of smoking ‘cos if you’re reading my blog you better know smoking kills.
  • I love my clients. 100% of them are super legit. They eat and move exactly as told. They ask a million questions to ensure they understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. They get results! Simple right?
  • It is unbelievable how some people do the low-fat + cardio gig and are stuck at the same weight for years. Then I ask them to eat a lot of fat and stop doing cardio… and suddenly they lose pounds after pounds within a couple of weeks!
  • It is funny to see people (non-bodybuilders) trying to hit their abs from every angle there is, then suffer from lower back pain and then do more of the same ab work to strengthen their core! Talk about chasing your own tail (bone).
  • Ever wonder why doctors, nutritionists and registered dieticians recommending a low fat, whole grain based diet are fat and/or have a tummy and/or look dry and weak? Hint: Its not because they don’t get enough exercise!
  • Vegetarians don’t like to hear they aren’t saving animals by staying away from meat and (health conscious) meat eaters don’t like to hear that its possible to lead a healthy life without meat. Having been on both sides of the fence, my best advice to you is… stay away from such arguments!
  • Doctors don’t learn much about nutrition and they are too busy treating patients that they don’t have the time to keep up with the latest advances in the field of nutrition. If you have a chronic diseases, chances are your nutrition is causing it or can cure it. So, in addition to seeing a doctor, see a legit nutritionist and/or do some research on the subject. You’ll be happy you did.
  • If you (or someone you know) can make only two changes towards a healthier diet, 1) go gluten-free and 2) avoid vegetable oils.
  • And to make myself accountable, I’ll write about the following in the next week (or two)…
    • Cardio – A Redefinition
    • The Truth Behind Saturated Fats
    • Grains – The Good, Bad & Ugly
    • Macronutrient ratios
    • Statins – The Good, Bad & Ugly
    • Women & Strength Training


Random good-to-knows

So I’ve been missing for about a week or so doing a bunch of reading, working with clients, working on my own programming and tying up some loose ends on the diet front. While I haven’t had time to write well researched blog posts, here’s some stuff I’d like you to know…

  • There is no one ideal diet. A high saturated fat low carb diet works for some while a moderate fat moderate carb diet works for some others. Like I always say, find what works for you.
  • Fibrous vegetables are not really carbs. The fiber in them is fermented (digested) by bacteria (gut flora) in your gut lining and converted to short-chain fatty acids (saturated fat). So in all honestly, fibrous vegetables = fat. So eat a bunch of  fibrous vegetables to feel satisfied when you’re on a fat loss diet. I’m a little guy with a big appetite and about 2-3 lbs per day is what works for me.
  • Dr. Cordain’s recommendation to reduce saturated fat intake is very well justified. His argument that wild animals consumed during the paleolithic times had much lesser fat and saturated fat than farm raised (and free range) animals today is spot on.
  • Browned paneer + anything = Awesome
  • The challenge with one arm chinups is balance + strength. Try hanging off a bar using a one arm supinated grip. You will automatically rotate till your grip is pronated.
  • Steamed/sauteed/broiled broccoli + whole milk yogurt + salt + pepper = Awesome
  • The one arm dumbbell snatch is one of the most basic exercises you can do to develop power, explosiveness, core strength and strength.
  • Soy sauce contains gluten. If you’re not celiac (or have any known gluten allergy) I wouldn’t worry about having some every once in a while. If you allergic to gluten though, tamari sauce is the way to go.
  • Mobility work + SFMR is as effective as stretching/yoga as far as joint ROM is concerned.
  • 1 year old Calvin can out-sprint me any time of the day.
  • If I told you there is one exercise which is the best ever exercise for fat loss, that just means I’m trying to scam you and you need to call me out.
  • Trying to please everyone is plain stupid. Pick your favorite kids/customers/clients  and make ’em happy!

Peace out.


Random thoughts on nutrition

I jotted down my random thoughts on exercise here… and now it’s time for nutrition.

  1. Eating less is good. Eating hardly anything is stupid.
  2. Real food rules.
  3. I don’t care if it is fortified with vitamins or tested by expert doctors or proven to help kids think better… if it comes in a box it you better watch out.
  4. Bran muffins are not health food. If you need the fiber eat 4-6 cups of cooked spinach, mushrooms, asparagus or Brussels sprouts and a cup or two of raspberries.
  5. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. The most important meal of the day is the meal that follows some form of intense activity.
  6. Fake meat is terrible and doesn’t clean the blood off your hands.
  7. Red meat does not cause cancer.
  8. Flavored coffee is bad. Mocha, frappe, chai latte they’re all the same and they belong in the dessert section.
  9. If you’re visibly overweight you have no business even looking at the dessert section. That section is reserved for lean active people (to enjoy occasionally).
  10. Eat more vegetables. Much more than what you eat now.
  11. Quit counting calories. Assess by how you look and feel.
  12. If you suspect you are addicted to any food, be it KitKat or raw broccoli, drop it for a month.
  13. The best way to lose fat is by going low carb.
  14. Low fat diets, for fat loss or general health, is extremely unhealthy.
  15. Saturated fat is not harmful. Your cell walls are made of saturated fat.
  16. Fasting/skipping meals is extremely beneficial to health.
  17. Fruits are natures candy to us. Eat them sparingly.
  18. A vegetarian diet can be extremely healthy if adequate protein and fats are consumed.
  19. I don’t care what you say, if you are visibly overweight you are eating more than you should be eating.
  20. The human digestive system is more like that of a dog than a sheep.
  21. Type 2 diabetes can be cured/controlled with diet.
  22. If you ate only meat and vegetables for the rest of your life you would live a long disease free life. If you ate only grains and fruit for the rest of your life you wouldn’t live too long.
  23. Rice along with potatoes, yams and other tubers are rich in starch and should be consumed post activity to reap the benefits.
  24. You’re probably are allergic to gluten (found in wheat) at some level.
  25. The smart thing to do is to place most of your daily calories right after your workout/intense activity.
  26. Fat loss is only a side effect of good nutrition. There is much more to be gained.


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