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Being Awesome

Seriously, stop the nonsense.

Stop looking for magic workout programs that will get you ripped. Stop looking at recipes and food porn when you’re on a diet. Stop looking at abs when you’re trying to gain mass. Stop looking for the perfect diet. And for God’s sake, stop looking for ways to make pizza healthy!

There is no magic workout program that will get your ripped if you don’t put it the work. There is no tasty recipe that will help you eat less. There is no such thing as gaining mass and getting abs. There is no one diet that is perfect for everyone at every time. And no, there is no way to make pizza healthy. Pizza is awesome because it is unhealthy!

If you have pounds to lose, go on a diet. If you’re on a diet, stick to it. If you’re sticking to it, be consistent. If you are consistent, be patient.

Forget fitness and fat loss and carbs and proteins for a second. I have two questions for you…

1. What is awesome according to you?

2. What is stopping you from getting there?

Irrespective of what your answer for the first question is, the answer for the second question is the same…


Thassright! There is one person and only one person who can make you awesome and that is you. You are what is stopping you from becoming awesome! You know what it takes to become healthy. You know what it takes to become fit. You know what it takes to go from fat and flab to fit and fab. And you damn well know that if you do what it takes you will get what you deserve. The problem is… you just don’t freakin do it!

Instead, you sit on your ass and keep looking for that magic pill. You try and find ways to hack the system. You spend so much energy trying to find an easy way out that you end up going nowhere. You are always… always… looking for that free lunch! And let me tell you this… there is no such thing as a free lunch!

You want results? You want to be awesome? You’ve got to put in work. Period.

In all our lives there are the truly awesome folks. The ones that push you. The ones that go against the grain. The ones that urge you to take risks. The ones that never ever sugar coat their words. The ones that preach and practice what they preach. The ones that give you the confidence to move ahead. The ones that aren’t afraid of failure. The ones that think failure is always an option. The ones that have mad passion. The ones that don’t believe in limits. The ones that give you the right answers and not the answers you want to hear. The ones that ask you to never ever give up. These are the ones that truly care about you. The ones that have you back no matter what. The ones that push your bike far enough to let you roll on your own and then smile selflessly from a distance.

Who put in hard work? Who is awesome? George Carlin is. Kamal Hasan is. Will Smith is. Tim Ferris is. Julien Smith is. Narayanan Krishnan is. Darya Pino is. Mark Sisson is. Many many more are.

But of course, awesome is not for everyone. Most people settle for mediocrity. And you know what else these people do? They pull you down with them! They try to scare you. They tell you you can’t do it. They tell you you’re wrong. They judge you. They tell you to never try anything new. They tell you to be ‘normal’ ‘like everyone else’. They tell you stories about million others who tried and failed. They tell you ‘everything in moderation’. They tell you to ‘play it safe’. They make you doubt yourself. They ask you to ‘let it go’ when you fail. They pull you down to mediocrity! And guess what? These fools suck! And you know why? Because they’re afraid. Afraid you’ll become awesome. Afraid their mediocrity will be exposed. Afraid they will be left behind.

Who are these people? We wouldn’t know now would we? Because these people made nothing out of their lives!

You tell me – Who are you going to listen to? Who are you going to look up to? Who are you going to trust? The mediocre fools who want to you stay with them or the awesome folks who want you to reach for greatness?

When I started off fat and heart broken, I had my share of “well-meaning” folks shoving mediocrity down my throat and also my share of true friends who cheered me for every step I took. You probably would’ve guessed who I took seriously. And make no mistake, even today I have folks who judge me, tell me I’m wrong to experiment, tell me I take things too seriously, tell me its dangerous to be different and advice me to be normal… like everyone else!

Normal? You know what normal is? Normal is…

– feeling tired by 3pm after a day of nothing but sitting

– working an 8 hour desk job and using that as a reason to be laze all night

– talking about poverty over an expensive lunch

– donating money to the church/temple but not helping an orphan.

– feeling dizzy if a meal is skipped

– being 55 and having diabetes/high bp/osteoporosis

– running a half marathon and claiming to have conquered fitness

– joining a gym on Jan 1st to quit on the 5th

– resolving and not ever acting

– not having goals

– taking everything at face value

– wanting to sit at the sight of a chair

– moderation

– taking the elevator

– accepting weakness

– treating the symptoms and not the source

– doing something ‘cos everyone else is

– having a protruding belly when you’re 30

– accepting mediocrity

– agreeing with conventional wisdom

– staying inside your comfort zone

– not progressing

– existing

I’m sorry. This doesn’t work for me. I say…

F*ck normal! I wanna be awesome!

F*ck existing! I wanna live!

What about you? Are you going to be your own damn boss and march towards awesomeness or are you going to hang back with the fools and accept mediocrity? Are you going to take control of your health and turn your life around or are you going to drown yourself in excuses and self pity?

‘Cos its on you buddy. Its up to you if you want to make a difference. Its up to you if you want to rise up to the occasion. Its up to you if you want to be awesome!

Your call. Let’s see what you got.


Did you know you make a difference?

Those of you who have read my story, know that I was fat and weak suffering from asthma and sinusitis for the major part of my life. The journey from there to here has been pretty remarkable really and when I look back, I have a lot of people to thank… from my first and hardest client Vidya who taught me why a sustainable diet is the best diet, to legit fitness pros like my bud JD who calls clean eating a scam.

Before I started started doing the whole healthy eating and staying active gig, I was this average chubby dude who worked a desk job, thought Chili’s was fingerlickin awesome and never did anything physically taxing whatsoever… or in short… I was like most of today’s youngsters.

‘I’m sure that diet soda is good for me! Gotto work on that 3rd chin ya know’

On 24th Nov ’07,  I went on a one day trip to Yosemite with a bunch of friends. After hitting the usual ‘Holy shit this is beautiful!’ spots, we decided to hike. I knew I was in pretty bad shape (yes, even to hike) and somehow convinced the rest of the gang that we should go on a relatively short hike. As a result we chose a hike that was just 2 miles total with a moderate ascent. As we started the hike, things were cool. I hung back chillin with a buddy who wasn’t too keen on the exercise part of the hike and was, like me, more interested in just getting to the top (I should mention here that this was my first ever hike).

10 mins into the hike, I realized I was finding it slightly hard to breathe. Another 5 mins and I was gasping for breath (which I tried to hide in every way possible). 5 more mins and I’m on my knees having an asthma attack, frantically groping my backpack in search of my elixir a.k.a inhaler. Once I found it and gave myself the breath of life, I briefly look up the hill and I see something that shocked the bejesus outa me… the rest of my buddies were actually running up the hill! You have got to be freakin kiddin me!

As I look at them in disbelief, a flood of thoughts slap me hard and I hear myself saying –

‘You are a 24 yr old who has been blessed immensely with anything and everything. You are lucky to be financially stable to afford more than 3 exquisite meals a day. You have all your limbs intact. You have the time to workout and stay fit. But… today, even with all this, you find yourself on your knees literally praying that you remembered to bring your steroid because you are physically incapable of walking up 1 mile!’

Well, this might sound insignificant to you, but that very moment changed something everything. That incident…

  • told me how literally incapable I was.
  • showed how far down the fitness ladder I was.
  • made me compare myself to a diseased 80 yr old.
  • shoved a boot up my ass to start doing something about my health
  • made me realize I was literally destroying my body in the name of ‘living it up’.

It was only after this realization struck me that I started doing something about my health. My usual lines – “Life’s too short! Eat a cookie… or 12”, “What’s life without pizza everyday”, “Soda… it’s what the cool kids drink”, “I’m on a strict junk food diet!”, “Healthy wha?! Fast food FTW!”… didn’t sound too cool anymore. I started eating more real food. I fought my way into running a mile without stopping and then 2 and then 5 and then 15. I developed enough interest to read about the food I was eating and the training stimulus I was subjecting my body to. Sure my diet is a lot saner and my training is a lot smarter today, but that was the day that made the difference!

But you know whats funny? Until this day, my friends who ran up the hill that day have no idea about any of this! Nada! Zilch!

So what’s my point?

  1. You don’t know the impact your actions can have on someone else. Everything you do affects someone in someway. You might do nothing different yourself, but you might have just changed everything for someone else!
  2. Observe everything and everyone. You have something to learn from everyone and everything. It could be the nerdy neighbor who is obsessive about everything he does or the supremely fat lady who pigs out at Fresh Choice everyday!
So here’s to Mahesh, Panch and Manu for doing nothing different… but changing everything for me!

@ Yosemite on 24th Nov ’07

And  for those of you who made it this far… share your experiences and share the post. Inspire someone! Who knows, maybe you’ll save a life or two!

Peace out!

Inspiration: Warhawk Matt Scott

Shut up and get to work!


Inspiration – Ernestine Shepherd

No exaggeration… this grandma will kick our lazy asses! At 74, Ernestine Shepherd is in better shape than most people who are literally decades younger than she is.

Some facts about her:

  • She didn’t start exercising until she was 56.
  • She wakes up at 3:00 A.M. every morning to run and lift weights.
  • She runs 80 miles per week and does 5Ks in about 28 minutes.
  • She’s finished EIGHT marathons.
  • She bench presses 150 pounds . . . about 30 pounds more than her body weight.
  • She’s been married for 53 years and has a 13-year-old granddaughter.
  • She won a bodybuilding contest in 2008, beating many much younger women.  According to a former Mr. Universe, Yohnnie Shambourger, quote, “She’s special because no one can have that kind of muscle at her age.”
  • She doesn’t take any supplements because she doesn’t know what they’d do to her “old body.”

Here is a quick 90 sec video of her.

Now… you folks got any excuses?

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