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Low fat or high fat? Squat or not? Volume or intensity?

The Devil:

Fruit = Natural vitamins and minerals! Eat as much as you want!

Eating fat will cause heart problems.

Carbs are harmless. Get as much whole grains as you can.

Calorie counting is a must to maintain a healthy weight.

Low carb diets don’t work. They’re a fad!

Vegetables are the most important ingredient.

A lot of centenarians ate only vegetables.

Fasting results in muscle wastage. You should eat 6-8 small meals everyday.

Crossfit sucks!

(Distance) Running is the best exercise there is.

Squatting causes knee problems.

Yoga is just stretching. Lame!

Cardio is the most important part of training.

Never strength train to failure.

Volume training is the only way to get strong and muscular.

The Deep Blue Sea:

Fruit (fructose) is poison. Never ever eat fruit.

Eating mostly fat will save you from everything.

Carbs are the sole cause of heart diseases, obesity and every other disease!

Never count calories! Let hunger dictate how much you eat.

Low carb diets are the only way to stay healthy.

Vegetables are worthless.

A lot of centenarians survived on eggs and fatty meat.

Crossfit is the best training program ever created!

(Distance) Running is detrimental to health.

Squatting can cure cancer. You have to squat 3 days a week!

Fasting is beneficial to health. You should eat only 1-2 times a day.

Yoga is all that is required for anyone to get fit irrespective of his/her goals.

Cardio is unnecessary.

Training to failure is the only way to make strength gains.

Volume training results in joint abuse. Keep the volume low. Intensity FTW.

Somewhere Between:

Fruits are nature’s candy. Eat them in moderation.

Fats are absolutely essential to the body. Eat much but be sure to get enough protein and carbs too.

Carbs are beneficial when consumed based on activity level.

Don’t count calories. Don’t binge eat. Practice portion control.

Overweight? Want to lean out? Try low carb. If it works that’s great, else add in some carbs.

Eat a lot of vegetables but don’t eat only vegetables.

All centenarians ate less, lived active, fasted frequently and did not stress much!

There are things about Crossfit which are exceptional and parts that are plain ridiculous. Choose wisely.

Enjoy running? Go out and run. Hate it? Don’t worry about it.

Can’t squat? Try harder. Still can’t? Hop on the leg press.

Prefer big meals? Eat 1-3 times a day. Prefer small meals? Eat 4-6 times a day.

Yoga is great and is one of the many tools that need to be a part of your fitness toolkit. Practice it often.

Eat clean. Strength train. Do cardio that doesn’t affect recovery.

Work with sub-maximal loads during most phases of the year. Plan your workouts such that you go to failure once every few weeks.

High volume works. Low volume works. Try both. Find what works for you. Train smart.

For the most part, I seem to happily hover around somewhere between the devil and the deep blue sea.  Where do you want to chill?

Get your mind right people! Find what works for you. Self-experimentation is what it all comes down to!

Enjoy the weekend!

Peace out.

Think Behind The Box – Fruit Juice

There are fools who down soda cans by the dozen and then there are idiots who gulp fruit juice by the gallon. This post is for the idiots.

So you sit down for breakfast with a friend and decide you want to eat your omelet and toast with grape juice (healthy option in most restaurants). I mean come on it’s grapes! No one got fat eating grapes! This has got to be good for you… worst case… this can’t be bad for you. Good food, great company and awesome juice on the side.  So you get a refill of the grape juice.

OK enough story telling. Here are the nutrition facts.

Serving Size 8 FL OZ
Calories – 170
Total Fat – 0g
Sodium – 20mg
Total Carb – 42g
Sugars – 40g
Protein – 0g
Vitamin C – 100%

(Note: All the sugar is from the fruit itself. This juice contains no added sugars.)

FYI… this is for 8 FL OZ which is 240 ml and I can guarantee you none of your juice glasses or restaurant juice glasses are 240 ml. They are AT LEAST 330 ml. Let’s do the math.

You just downed 660 ml of grape juice which has 460 calories with 110 grams of sugar. This is just from the BEVERAGE which is a PART of your FIRST MEAL of the day and you were wondering why I called you an idiot! If this isn’t enough praising for you… you will be elevated from the idiot level to the retard level if you stock your refrigerator with  juice cartons!

So what about orange juice? Loaded with ~ 25-30 grams of sugar per 240 ml. You’ll end up inhaling 80-90 grams of sugar in a couple of glasses.

Apple juice? Same shit.

Cranberry juice? Ditto.

Vitamin Water? Demands it’s own blog post but The Dark-side of Vitamin Water should give you some idea.

Diet Soda? Read this.

Sparkling water? Fruit infused water? Flavored water? Let me make this easy. If you have to look into the ingredients/nutrition facts section… then more often than not you’re drinking some form of crap.

Drink your water and eat your food! Liquid food is in general more readily available as glucose to your body and liquid sugar results in insanely crazy insulin spikes. The more frequent these crazy insulin spikes the fatter you get and the higher your risks of getting type II diabetes. Read about type II diabetes here and about carb loading & insulin spikes here.

Think about it for a second. Your two glasses of grape juice equals ~ 8 cups of fresh grapes. If you were to eat grapes as a side with breakfast would you ever eat 8 cups?? In one sitting? Or apples for example. The two glasses of apple juice actually contains ~ 4 apples. When was the last time you ate 4 apples as a side for breakfast??

Fruit in limited quantities is awesome… yes. But fruit juice is just a glass filled with diabetes. 100% natural diabetes of course.


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