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10 simple food rules to live by…

1. Eat food that was made in a kitchen… not in a lab.

2. Anytime anyone says ‘I read it somewhere…‘ stop listening.

3. Fuel yourself frequently with enjoyable real food. Treat yourself rarely with delectable junk food.

4. Eat stuff that goes bad.

5. Always remember that if a food needs to be heavily marketed, it needn’t been eaten.

6. Kill the ‘ism’. Food isn’t religion. Save the obsession and insanity for the latter.

7. This is 2011. Eat a damn pizza every once in a while. But eat that damn pizza only once in a while.

8. Before you listen to your doctor or your neighbor, listen to your body.

9. Realize that it isn’t possible to eat all that is good. But also realize that it is very possible to avoid all that is bad.

10. Fix your relationship with food. Food should have nutrition, not numbers. Food should be celebration, not a chore. Food should fill you with goodness, not guilt.


Peace out.

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