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Vegetarianism – The glass is half full

The thing about vegetarianism that I’m not a fan of is the focus on foods that ‘cannot’ be eaten. I understand the moral and religious confusion that is binding you to stay away from meat and meat products, but why the focus on the ‘cannot’ or ‘should not‘? Why not focus on the ‘can be‘ and ‘should be’ ? In other words, if you are a vegetarian you have a list of stuff that you don’t eat. But do you have a list of stuff that you should eat? Why not? Why do I hear “I don’t eat chicken ‘cos I’m vegetarian” a lot and never hear “I eat fermented dairy and spinach everyday ‘cos I’m vegetarian”?

You see my point? Why is the glass always half empty and not half full?

What is an optimal vegetarian diet?

Nutrition is nothing more than fueling yourself with nutrients. While there are moral, religious and preferential winds that influence one’s nutritional path, a good diet (and by that I mean the food you eat on a daily basis for any significant amount of time) should focus more on ‘what is needed’ than on ‘what shouldn’t be eaten’. Talking about the vegetarian diet, if you have made the choice (or have been forced to make the choice, as in most cases) to remove meat and meat products from your diet, you better find a nutritionally equivalent if you desire to live without nutritional deficiencies.

In the case of the current Indian vegetarian diet (which is possibly the only case where people are born as vegetarians and have a really hard time even considering starting to eat meat or even eggs for that matter), a replacement does exist – grains. While grains fill in the gaps (physically) and calorically, they are in no way nutritionally equivalent to meat, seafood and eggs.

Make no mistake – I’m not even hinting that all meat inclusive diets are optimal or even marginally superior to vegetarian diets. Enough junk meat and meat products are available and most people find themselves eating plenty of crappy meat/meat products that health and nutrition are not anywhere close. But when one does make an attempt to start eating real food, the vegetarians face more of a challenge than the rest.

And if you’re wondering, this applies to me too. I live in India now which is more of a vegetarian society than anything else. Even meat eaters (affectionately called “NV” or non-vigitarians) are nothing more than vegetarians who eat a little  meat. That and the fact that quality meat is not easily available, forces me to eat a vegetarian diet for the most part.

So then the question is – what is an optimal vegetarian diet? And, not surprisingly, the answer to this question is the same as for the question – what is an optimal diet? An optimal diet (vegetarian or not) is one that provides the consumer with all the nutrients required for optimal functioning.

Focusing on the half that is full

All that said, an optimal vegetarian diet should…

  • Include plenty of vegetables, especially spinach and other greens since they are abundant in Vitamin K, Vitamin A and magnesium. While this is a rule that applies to both vegetarians and meat eaters alike, it needs to be more prominent in a vegetarian diet for the reason that since most vegetarian diets are dominated by grains, vegetables are almost non-existent. Most folks tend to eat a meal of rice/wheat with some form gravy and a tiny bit of vegetables and end up neglecting vegetables. Read this article about how the Indian vegetarian diet contains no vegetables!
  • Include a significant amount of fermented foods, especially dairy due to their richness in Vitamin B12. Fermented foods help by introducing beneficial bacteria into our gut (probiotics) and adding in such bacteria has shown to be extremely beneficial to health. Relief from lactose intolerance, protection against colon cancer, reduction in IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and urinogenital infection severity and frequency are some of the benefits. Also, vitamins available in foods are more readily available when the gut contains a healthy dose of beneficial bacteria. Whole milk yogurt/curd, natural aged cheeses, kefir, natto and tempeh are excellent choices for fermented vegetarian foods (provided they are made from top quality milk/soy beans).
  • Be rich in saturated fat. If you’re concerned/confused about saturated fat and its health consequences, read my article The Saturated Fat Scam which talks in length about why saturated fat isn’t harmful but abundantly healthy. Ghee, butter, coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut in any other form are foods that feature right at the top of the list of healthiest foods.
  • Include whole eggs. I’ve said this a million times and I will say it again – eggs are as awesome as awesome can get from a health perspective. Egg yolks are one of the healthiest foods anyone (especially vegetarians) can eat. Eggs yolks contain choline which is extremely critical for the body’s proper functioning, lutein which saves eyesight, contains essential fatty acids and healthy dose of cholesterol which, again, is a substance that is absolutely required for the body to function smoothly. Read this article by Arvind Ashok – Eat that yolk! – that talks plenty more about why you should eat whole eggs. And sorry, while the lack of protein due to an egg-less diet can be compensated for in many ways, I don’t have a nutritional substitute for eggs (especially yolks).
  • Supplement with fish oil. Fish oil is magic! It is rich in EPA & DHA (the important omega 3 fatty acids that you don’t get from flax seeds or walnuts) and Vitamins A and D and has health benefits ranging from protecting against cardiovascular diseases to protection against cancer to much improved joint health to protection against alzheimer’s and much more. I’ve written about this in the past and you can read this article to understand how beneficial fish oil truly is. While it is not in anyway a supplement, from a vegetarian’s perspective, it is best considered a medicine and gulped!
  • Obviously be devoid of allergens like gluten, industrially processed vegetable and seeds oils, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and sugars.
  • Obviously not be dependent on nutritionally inferior foods like grains.

So what might such a vegetarian diet look like?

Sample meal plan

For someone who is ~ 70 kg the following should satisfy pretty much all nutritional needs.


  • 1 cup whole milk (maybe coffee/tea) with 1 tsp sugar/honey
  • 2-3 idlies/dosas (or idiyappam or 1 cup poha/aval/white rice) with 3-4 tbls coconut chutney and 2 tsp ghee
  • 2-3 whole eggs with 30g cheese and 1 cup vegetables (Scrambled, omelet, sunny side up, baked, boiled, curry etc etc!)
  • 1-2 tsp cod liver oil


  • 1 cup rice
  • 2 cups vegetables cooked in 1tbls coconut oil or ghee or butter
  • 1 cup sambar or rasam or daal
  • 1 cup yogurt
  • 2 cups raw vegetables topped with 2 tsp olive oil/sesame oil (i.e. non lettuce real salad)
  • 1 medium fruit


  • 2 cups vegetables cooked in 1tbls coconut oil or ghee or butter
  • 1 cup daal or beans or pulses pressure cooked with simple vegetables, without oil and topped with 1-2 tsp olive oil/sesame oil
  • 1 cup horsegram upma or sprouted pulses toasted with shredded coconut
  • 1 cup whole milk yogurt or raita
  • 1 medium fruit or a couple of dates or a square of dark chocolate.

Snack options

Firstly, snacks are unnecessary unless you’re actually trying to gain some weight. So snack only when absolutely required. That means, don’t look for something to munch just ‘cos you have nothing else to do. Snack if you’re unusually hungry between two meals or realize the next meal is too far away. Here are some awesome snack options which will keep you full and satisfied physically and nutritionally.

  •  2 cups mixed vegetable raita (1 cup raw cut mixed vegetables like cucumber, carrot, spinach, green mango etc + 1 cup whole milk yogurt + seasonings
  • 1 tender coconut or 1 cup salt lassi/lassi and a small fruit
  • Fruit & veg bowl – Cut up avocado, raw green mango, onions, carrots, banana stem & tomato. Top with some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and spice.
  • Flavored paneer cubes – Mix up a bunch of spices you like and toss the cubed paneer (like a dry rub) and pan fry using ghee for 2-3 min per side.
  • Mix up  10-15 chopped nuts, couple tablespoons of fresh shredded coconut, a tablespoon of raisins, pinch of salt and pepper
  • 30-40g cheese/tempeh with a cup of fresh fruit

Note: This is NOT a fat loss diet. This is meant to fix you health by fixing your gut and once you’re able to do that, well, fat loss is just a side effect of that good health you just achieved!

And just so we’re clear

  • 1 cup = 240 ml. Anytime someone tells me ‘1 cup vegetables’ they’re talking about a cup so small you can fit in like one pea and anytime (the same) someone says ‘1 cup rice’ they’re talking about a barrel so big you can easily fit in a truck! So FYI, 1 cup = 240 ml irrespective of what is in it!
  • If you weigh more or less, adjust accordingly.
  • If fat loss is the goal, eat starch only during the meal that is immediately post workout. On other meals, stick to vegetables, cheese, milk/yogurt, lentils and fruit and stop eating well before you’re full. The best foods to pull out of this plan (when looking to lose fat) are snacks, rice and fruit in that order.
  • If you feel starved, eat more of the good stuff. Stay away from starch when you don’t need it.
  • Depending on what your current nutritional deficiencies are and what diseases you suffer from presently, you will need different amounts of different foods. It is on you to figure that out.

So what do you think? Is this a template something you can stick to (80% of the time) for a lifetime? Are there more things you’d like on here? What else stops you from eating real food? Talk to me in the comments section!

Stay sane. Stay patient. Don’t be greedy for weight loss. Focus on food quality and you’ll give yourself the gift of lifelong health and fitness.

Peace out.

Sample vegetarian real food ‘diet’ or what I eat on Sundays

Sunday is my only day off and I tend to take it easy… really easy! I hang at my parent’s. I wake up late. Chill at home. Dont see any clients. Listen to plenty of music. Catch up with friends. You know… the usual drill. In addition to all this, I also make it a point to not workout and/or worry too much about food. I just like to go with the flow.

I don’t count anything. I eat per appetite. And since I’m taking it easy in general, I also like to give my gut a chance to take it easy and hence eat strictly real food.

So here is everything I ate today,


3-4 cups of lemon tea

  • I woke up at like 10:30am and didn’t find the need to eat breakfast as I wasn’t hungry and lunch time was around the corner. That way I get to eat with my mom and grandmom who talk memories and recipes to me. Priceless I tell you!


– 4 cups of avial

  • The avial had green beans, potato, carrots, plenty of coconut, coconut oil and yogurt.
  • I topped that avial with 2-3 extra tbls of coconut oil and a handful of fresh shredded coconut.
  • 4 cups = 1 liter

– 3 cups spinach daal

  • Soaked lentils and fresh organic spinach cooked together with spices.
  • I topped this with about 1/2 tbls home made ghee.

– 1 cup whole milk yogurt

  • This if yogurt made at home from fresh cow’s milk

– 1 scoop (not natural, overly sweet) whey in 1/2 cup whole milk yogurt

  • ‘Cos my ON Natural Whey is at my place (and not at my parent’s)

– A handful of organic raw almonds

– 1 small banana


– A cup of black coffee with a few almonds and raisins.


– 2 cups of leftover avial

  • No excess coconut oil this time.

– 1/2 cup of horse gram sundal

  • Organic horse gram pre-soaked, pressure cooked and sauteed with spices in coconut oil.
  • I had this with about 1 cup of whole milk yogurt.

– Paneer subji country eggs in a tomato base

  • The paneer was home made from fresh cow’s milk
  • The subji had paneer from about a liter of milk and 2 country eggs mixed in.

– Some organic fresh papaya. Say about 1 cup.

Note: All vegetables, fruit and legumes are completely organic. You can find a list of awesome organic food stores in Chennai, India here.

So there ya go. Eating real food is simple, easy, healthy and absolutely delicious. If any of this seems to not ‘fit your style’, make it fit your style. I love avial and so I eat cartloads of it. If you don’t eat, something else there. Eat more food if you’re hungry. Eat less food if this is too much. If fat loss is a goal eat slightly below appetite, skip a meal and eat food that is less dense (skip the oil etc.). If mass gain is a goal, eat up! Eat till your slightly uncomfortable and squeeze in a breakfast and/or a snack.

Keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it sustainable.

Peace out.


10 simple food rules to live by…

1. Eat food that was made in a kitchen… not in a lab.

2. Anytime anyone says ‘I read it somewhere…‘ stop listening.

3. Fuel yourself frequently with enjoyable real food. Treat yourself rarely with delectable junk food.

4. Eat stuff that goes bad.

5. Always remember that if a food needs to be heavily marketed, it needn’t been eaten.

6. Kill the ‘ism’. Food isn’t religion. Save the obsession and insanity for the latter.

7. This is 2011. Eat a damn pizza every once in a while. But eat that damn pizza only once in a while.

8. Before you listen to your doctor or your neighbor, listen to your body.

9. Realize that it isn’t possible to eat all that is good. But also realize that it is very possible to avoid all that is bad.

10. Fix your relationship with food. Food should have nutrition, not numbers. Food should be celebration, not a chore. Food should fill you with goodness, not guilt.


Peace out.

Real food, non-food and make believe real food – ‘Healthy Indulgence’

But its gluten-free!

So what is the deal with ‘healthy indulgence’? I don’t understand the concept really. Either, the concept is retarded or I just don’t get it. And since there are bunch of stuff I simply don’t get (like linking food habits and morality, the elliptical, coding etc.) and since there are also a bunch of other widely accepted concepts that are, in reality, retarded, please hang with me while I try and figure out what this ‘healthy indulgence’ is all about.

Before I get into why the concept of ‘healthy indulgence’ is asinine, I’d like to mention why it is fundamentally retarded.

Part 1 – The fundamental retardation


v. in·dulgedin·dulg·ingin·dulg·es

1. To yield to the desires and whims of, especially to an excessive degree.

Now, I’m sure we all know, that as a general rule, too much of anything isn’t good and this holds true for anything from alcohol to exercise to food. If you remember, I argued in my article about grains, that for the majority of the people, it isn’t the consumption of grains that is the problem, but the overconsumption. Using the same reasoning, I think we can all safely claim that irrespective of how healthy (or unhealthy) a food is, overconsumption is indeed detrimental.

If you are aware of the concept of ‘food reward’, you will understand that the more a food rewards you the more you are prone to consume it in excess and consistent consumption (and hence overconsumption) of such a food will result in making you overweight/obese and/or diseased. But since we are discussing why the concept is fundamentally retarded, let me elaborate.

We all know I’m crazy about cheesecake. Every time I eat an awesome cheesecake I get transported to a different world! Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with that ‘cos the cheesecake was created to please and it does its job pretty darn well. The sole purpose of its existence is to please the human senses – look, smell and taste – and hence I salute any awesome cheesecake. The cheesecake, in all its greatness, is made up of sugar and fat, which as Dr. Kessler explains in The End Of Overeating, is a combination that is irresistible to the human brain. So when you do eat a piece, the reward centers in your brain are activated and since that activation is desirable to your body, it drives you to eat more and more and more.

So now let’s say I’m addicted to cheesecake. I eat 3 slices everyday and I end up getting fat. So, in an effort to get ‘healthy’, I decide I’m not going to eat junk anymore and I start eating a real food based diet. I eat meat, seafood, veggies, fruit, dairy and some white rice. In about a week, I’m sick of this shit, ‘cos I’m used to eating delectable food and now that my reward centers are not activated as frequently anymore, I don’t really feel good. So I get on the internet and start looking for tips and tricks to make my boring real food diet tasty and boom! I come across a grain free cheesecake recipe! My eyes light up and I’m not quite sure if the food driven depression is making me hallucinate or if this is real food for real! I re-read it and it is indeed a real food cheesecake! I thank my stars and I get to making it. Two hours later, I’ve made a 14″ inch cheesecake… super decadent and yet supremely healthy!

I take a bite and I freakin love it! My reward centers are activated and I eat the whole damn thing. And since all the ingredients are real food healthy ingredients, I make this and other such ‘real food healthy’ stuff like paleo pizza, primal brownies, cholesterol free cocaine etc etc and eat them all week.

Is this helping me get healthy? Chances are, I’d be gaining more weight from all the hefty real food ingredients and my reward centers are, by now, super seasoned to ‘healthy indulgences’ like these that good old meat, veggies and fruit taste like shoe!

Summary – If indulgence, in any form, becomes a frequent occurrence, wellness is out of the window. And again, this applies to everything from alcohol to exercise to work to real food! To get specific about nutrition, irrespective of what the food is, indulgence should be a rare phenomenon if good health is a goal.

Now, moving on to why the concept of ‘healthy indulgences’ is absolutely asinine.

Part 2 – Absolute asininity

You know, potatoes are a real food and they are plenty healthy. So is the case with chicken, eggs and milk. But the healthy potato becomes the unhealthy french fry and the healthy chicken becomes the unhealthy fried chicken, when…

1. you add high reward foods/ingredients like fat and sugar to it

2. and as a result, you over-consume it (i.e. you indulge)

So my dear greedy health enthusiast, what you are doing with the grain free pancakes and gluten free cheesecakes is, in reality, the same! You take a real food and add high reward foods (which could be other real food) to it and process it till it becomes a food that activates your reward centers immensely. So in addition to fooling yourself that you are actually eating real food, you are training your taste buds to like nothing but foods that are excessively stimulating.

Summary – Real food means food in a form as close as possible to its original form. Some amount of cooking/processing is acceptable and, in fact, beneficial. The problem arises when the cooking/processing is aimed at making all food excessively delectable.

Part 3 – Reality check

So my recommendations –

1. Stop whining. Be a (hu)man and eat real food for the most part.

2. As long as you are generally healthy, eat junk every once in a while and when you do so, eat the real thing for crying out loud!

3. If you have an autoimmune condition that will end up killing you if you eat a certain food, then use a little common sense and stay away from it.

Sure it is commendable that you want food manufacturers to stop making junk food look and smell like real food. But first, smack yourself in the ass and stop trying to make real food taste like junk food!


Success story: Lost 10kg, no more joint aches, glowing skin, high energy, more focus…

This post is about one of my online clients Neha B. She started working with me around April 2011 and she was a good client really. As per standard protocol, I emailed her her customized nutrition and workout program on the 28th of March and she started the program in a very timely fashion. She did all the right things – she emailed me details and pictures of all her meals for the first few days, she emailed me constantly asking me questions over and over again (Note: I keep repeating that there is no such thing as a silly question and strongly recommend my clients to keep asking me questions), she emailed me weekly updates regularly, she made changes based on my recommendations, did her workouts diligently etc etc.

I generally have a very high success rate with my clients and most of my clients tend to reach their goals pretty much exactly as planned and also (finally) realize they have gained much more than just fat loss or strength gain or whatever else their goal is. Neha was no exception. Since she did the program as was laid out for her, she started seeing results almost immediately. For example, by the end of week 3 she had lost 4.5 lb (2 kg) and 12 total inches (30cm).

As expected, the honeymoon phase came to an end and her fat loss started slowing down. As of June 11th 2011, we had exchanged about 54 emails (which is close to the average number of email exchanges I have with most clients) and this was the last email I received from Neha.

Hi Raj,

In the last two weeks I have not lost any further weight and my weight is stuck at 69 kilos. I was barely losing half a kilo a week on an average and last two weeks not even that 😦 Some measurements have gone done by a cm, some stayed constant. (see attached excel sheet)

I also tried a bit of intermittent fasting in the 9th week by eating a good breakfast and then no lunch and then a small snack in the evening ( so a gap of about 6-7 hrs). The days I ate a good breakfast IF was no problem but some days with just a good enough breakfast and no lunch felt a real slack in my energy.

I stopped IF in the 10 th week, cos i had a bad acidity attack because some constituent of a meal at a restaurant did not suit my gut (btw, the thing that cured my acidity after 2 days of suffering is coconut milk :)) Although I was not sure if this was the right way to do IF I gave it a shot in the hope of getting my weight to budge.

At the same time I do feel stronger and my workouts these days are a breeze. The first time i did wall squats I had tears in my eyes after 20 seconds and last week I didn’t even realize and i managed to hold the wall squats for 65 seconds! I am also able to do a couple of full push ups along with the knee ones.

Energy wise a bit on the lower side because of disturbed nights(toddler teething).

Any ideas Raj, what can rev up my weight loss!
I know I wont stop trying, exercising and eating clean but this is kind of discouraging…


Again, she was no different from the average client. Most people expect miracles to happen overnight and are ecstatic when they see rapid fat loss. The same ecstasy turns to depression once rate of fat loss slows down and the added stress (from depression/tension due to slow fat loss) results in excessive cortisol release which slows down fat loss even more to almost a screeching halt. And to make things worse, this is when people conclude that the program no longer works and start doing, what I call, stupid shit or in less aggressive words ‘stuff that wasn’t recommended for them… for a reason’. As you can see from the above email, Neha was getting frustrated ‘cos of the slow rate of fat loss and started doing ‘stuff that was not recommended for her… for a reason’ but was also ready to do what it takes to reach her goal.

Then she disappeared. No emails. No updates. And finally, a couple of weeks back, I get an email from her.

Hi Raj,

Personal and professional life had taken over all priorities in the last months and hence did not get the time to update you in a long while but have nevertheless been constant in my efforts to lose weight and follow the program.

Now that I have lost 10 kilos I knew it was time to update the coach 🙂

The last time I emailed you it was about why I was not losing any weight and you had said if it remains the same we will change it.

Then around the same time you directed us to a post about stress and weight loss. And that is when I realized how badly stressed I had been those days and hence my weight had not budged. That day I decided on two things. One: I will not get stressed about anything and two: that I am not a person who loses a kilo a week. The max I lose is half a kilo a week and there is nothing better I can do about it than accepting it as a part of myself.

Slowly and steadily the kilos kept coming off and I hope will continue to till I reach my goal.

Mid of March I weighed 74 Kilos. April first week, I started with the program under your guidance and I weighed 73 kilos by then ´cos I followed your guidelines and tried to eat in the same way and managed to lose a kilo. And now my weight is 64 kilos. I feel great about coming so far and even though I do want to lose 5-6 more kilos at least, I am not desperate to do so and know that by following the same lifestyle that I have followed up-till now I will get there.

I eat real food 95% of the times and my cheats are completely gluten free because the minute I eat gluten my joints start aching and the duration they ache for is directly proportional to the amount of gluten consumed. Had it not been for your guidance I would´ve never discovered that I cannot tolerate gluten and this explains why my Mom has arthritis today and I was walking towards thyroid problems.

I am not scared of gaining back weight anymore because I feel so crappy when I eat most kinds of cheats that I want to reverse the effect asap and at the same time I know that eating and working out this way is the way I want to live.

My psoriasis is the Soles and Palms kind. It has always majorly been on my soles and maybe say once a year I would get a breakout on my palm and it would go away real soon. However, currently the feet are doing WAY better but I had a sudden breakout on my right palm along with a pustule. It made things and daily chores really tough. I got rid of it somehow and the palm is much better now but not completely alright. I realized I was having much more dairy (milk in tea 3 times a day and cheese everyday and paneer every other day) than I had ever had and hence I cut down on it. I drink black tea, and drink no milk, eat no cheese and paneer. Have had plain yogurt only once since 3 weeks but I never stopped butter and ghee. All this has made my condition better but I know elimination is the key to find out how much it helps, but the occasional ice cream and stuff has been a problem, plus an upcoming almost 4 week long India visit. I have also thought of trying the GAPS way to heal my gut and I want to do it when I come back from India. What do you think?

I think my psoriasis is the result of the abuse I did to my gut when I was really young say 6 – 8 years old. I snacked a lot on tamarind, pickles and sweet candies and stuff and thus ruined my gut flora and ended up with psoriasis which is termed incurable and with an unknown cause! Since I didn’t know what  were the culprits in my diet, I never eliminated these things from my diet until recently and hence my condition never went away completely. Maybe doing the GAPS diet will help and reverse my auto immune disease. Though there is still time for me to try GAPS I have already started taking one pro-biotic capsule a day at least to see if it helps. I use coconut oil to moisturize my soles and palms and have started consuming a teaspoon of coconut butter since yesterday.


  • Lost 10 kilos in 5 months
  • No more permanently pregnant tummy
  • No more joint pains
  • Skin glows
  • Have enough energy and stamina to complete all my tasks without getting tired. I used to pant earlier carrying my about 10 kilo child up 3 flights of stairs and now carrying a 10 plus kilo toddler, a heavy handbag , a 6-7 kilo grocery bag all up the stairs at once is no big deal(YAY!) 2 months back we went to paris and our toddler refused to sit in the pram and without getting tired we manged carrying her, our heavy knapsacks and the pram everywhere through the trains and through long hours sightseeing on foot in the city.
  • I can concentrate much better on my work without yawning and feeling lazy
  • Almost never need a nap in the afternoon
  • Migraine frequency reduced to once in three weeks from once to twice a week
  • Feel angry rarely and feel more patient and positive as a person

Waist     : 82 cm –> 68 cm [Raj: 14 cm reduction in circumference]

Hips       : 110 cm –> 98 cm [Raj: 12 cm reduction in circumference]

Thigh     : 67.5 cm –> 58 cm [Raj: 9.5 cm reduction in circumference per thigh]

Arm       : 32.5 cm –> 28 cm [Raj: 4.5 cm reduction in circumference per arm]

Tummy : 100.5 cm –> 85.5 cm [Raj: 15 cm reduction in circumference]


  • Lots of stuff gotten loose, even rings 😉
  • Hubby worried about the hole im gonna burn in his pocket with all the new stuff I am planning to buy!

Workout update:

Continued with all the said workouts from my plan. However last month could only do the workouts and had no time yoga. Managed my walks during grocery shopping and finishing other things. Walked long distances with heavy bags and many times on a single day on weekends. Tried to stay as active as possible.

Supplements update:

Daily dose of a multivitamin, a tsp of cod liver oil and a pouch of magnesium (I still need my magnesium supplements and cannot go for more than 2 days without them).
Whey only in PWO almost never as a pre workout snack.

Further goals:

  • To stay consistent and lose more weight and continue working out regularly.
  • Need to still get rid of the excess weight on tummy and upper thighs.
  • Eliminate milk products to see how far it helps with skin issues.

Looking forward to hearing what you think.
Thank you for your time!


Honestly, this is not even a testimonial. It was just a mere update. No praises. No ‘oh you changed my life’. So why am I even posting this? Well, ‘cos this is freakin awesome and there are important lessons to learn from Neha and what she did…
  1. Understand your body! Not everyone loses weight/fat at the same rate. There are many things that affect your rate of fat loss. The key is to stay consistent and keep fighting the good fight.
  2. Don’t be greedy and change things up expecting to wake up with washboard abs. Sustainable fat loss is a slow process and a quick fix. Stick to it. Fight the urge to keep jumping programs.
  3. Fat loss is not all about diet and exercise. Stress play a MAJOR role in fat loss just as it plays a major role in cardiovascular disease risk and other such fun stuff.
What do I have to say?

Millions of people want to make a change. Only a few do and Neha, you did it. In my book… you are awesome! Congrats and good luck to you. Stay the course and you will absolutely reach your destination.

And as always – there is no such thing as a silly question and there is no such time that is a bad time to contact me with any questions/concerns.

Peace out!
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