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The Missing Links – 21st Jan ’11

Some amazing articles/blog posts were up today and I just had to make this post though I hadn’t planned on it! Enjoy!

Why we get fat – Perfect Health Diet

Certain toxic foods seem to be very effective at causing obesity:  vegetable oils, fructose, and wheat.

The first step in any weight loss effort, therefore, ought to be removal of these toxic foods from the diet.
Read more.

Why go gluten free? – Whole Health Source

Here’s what I take away from this study:

  1. Wheat can cause symptoms in susceptible people who do not have celiac disease.
  2. People with mysterious digestive problems may want to try avoiding gluten for a while to see if it improves their symptoms**.
  3. People with mysterious fatigue may want to try avoiding gluten.

Read more.

Mike Boyle Talks! – Alwyn Cosgrove

• I might be the most criticized guy in this profession. If not, I’m certainly close.

• But I get results. We’ve had Olympians, national champions, professional athletes–you name it. All those guys come through our gym. And people think I don’t know what I’m talking about?

Read more.

It’s all about consistency! – Stronglifts

Before you alter a training program or even switch from your current program you should be thinking “why am I doing this?” You should have a really good reason for making changes. Now, a “good reason” is NOT that you simply don’t like the exercise or that it hurts or is hard.

Read more.

Coffee drinking inversely associated with Type 2 Diabetes

They found that women who drank four cups of caffeinated coffee each day had significantly higher levels of SHBG than did non-drinkers and were 56 percent less likely to develop diabetes than were non-drinkers

Read more.

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The Missing Links – 13th December ’10

Hello folks,
Here are this week’s links. Enjoy!

The French Paradox

It is a mystery as to why the French remain in such good health and have low levels of coronary heart disease (or at least better health than other developed countries) in spite of:

* Their large Alcohol/Cigarette/Caffeine intake
* Liberal use of Butter, Cheese and Animal Fats in general
* The general lack of concern about exercise
Read more.

You think energy drinks improve sport performance?

So should you or your teenage soccer player be drinking energy drinks? Not if your aim is to improve sports performance, Dr. Higgins said. “I wouldn’t recommend energy drinks to athletes,” he said. “Look at the name. These are not sports drinks.” Read more.

Why are the Okinawan Japanese the longest living humans?

More protein. More fat. Less carbohydrates! See here for publication.

Sitting < Standing < Walking < Running < Sprinting

Move up the chain and make us bipeds proud! Learn the science of sprinting.

Hate running ‘cos it’s boring?

I bet these quick workouts will keep you interested!

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The Missing Links – 6th December ’10

Starting this week I will post a bunch of interesting research publications/blog posts/articles related to nutrition and training every Monday. They may be piping hot or 25 year old articles, but rest assured that they will be damn useful and super interesting.

Here are this week’s links. Enjoy!

Can we transport food like Internet data? Foodtubes says yes

Siphon veggies, corn flakes, and cans of baked beans about in high-speed capsules (one by two meters) traveling through dedicated pipelines lodged below our cities. And why not? That’s the way we transport water, oil, gas, and sewage, isn’t it?… “All conditions, day or night, delivery can be guaranteed,” a Foodtubes PowerPoint presentation promises. “Whatever the weather, FOODTUBES will deliver the goods!” Read more.

Ever hear of ‘sugar high’? – Sugar as addictive as cocaine & heroin

After the rats’ sugar supply was withdrawn, they became anxious. Their teeth chattered and they grew unwilling to venture into the open arm of their maze. Instead, they stayed in the tunnel of the maze. Deprived of their sugar, the rats displayed signs of withdrawal similar to the symptoms seen in people when they stop smoking, drinking alcohol, or using drugs. Read more.

Fear the cholesterol! Really??

Will it cause heart attack? Should you skip the egg yolks? Should you avoid cholesterol rich foods? But wait… what is cholesterol? Do you know? Find out here.

An article from 2004 published in The Hindu calling out the Indian diet? Wow!

The traditional Indian diet is a high carbohydrate diet; deficient in high-quality protein and antioxidants. Moreover Indians use the wrong quality oils for cooking….  Traditionally, Indians did not eat breakfast. This is scientifically healthy practice, contrary to the belief that breakfast should be eaten like a king! Read more.

(PS: Though I’m impressed with her analysis of the cons of the Indian diet, I’m not a fan of the solutions presented.)

Heavy weights can’t do bodyweight training? BS!

D3Hundred – The Inspiration: Check him out here.

Inspired? Now let’s see what you can do!

Here is a compilation of ~300 crossfit body weight workouts that will get you fit and ripped.

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