Play to your strengths. Destroy your weaknesses.

We all are good at certain movements and suck at certain others. The way I look at it, you need to get better at what you’re good at and stop sucking at what you’re bad at.

What is it that you like to do? Chances are high that you are good at this. Do it often (once or twice a week). Make a conscious effort to focus on technique. Like running? Learn to run and get better at it instead of just running longer. Like a particular sport? Focus on the aspects of fitness that enhance your sport performance.

What is it that you avoid doing? Chances are high that you suck at this. Make a plan. Do it very often in a way that it doesn’t tax you too much. Forget exercise. Think skill. Think practice. Hate running? Sign up for a 5k that is about 30-45 days away. Start off with a short 5-10min run and add 1min every day. Hate yoga? Instead of going for an all out yoga session or signing up for a year, incorporate yoga movements and/or postures into your warm-up and stretching sessions.

At the end of the day, we are what we repeatedly do. So irrespective of what we do, let’s strive to do it well… real well.

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