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Does all this even matter?

There are times when you think if all this makes sense. All this talk about nutrition and health and fitness – does it really make a difference? All these blogs. All these columns. Allllll this information. Do they really matter?

Let me tell you that in every person’s life there is a turning point. It might be an incident or an accident or just a vision. But it is that point that makes him or her realize that the future, whether it is modest or pompous, is there for the taking.

And it doesn’t matter how impressive my work is or how sound the science is, it will all matter only when life takes you to that point. And trust me when I say that point is right around the corner.

Keep your eyes peeled ‘cos, even though you don’t realize it right now, health and, in turn, happiness is what everyone does everything for and you’re no exception.

Don’t forget your roots

What’s with all the fat loss and health related nutritional advice and diet plans being centered around western foods? When was the last time you saw a diet plan that didn’t have tuna and broccoli and was abundant in traditional foods like rajma or injira or hummus?

Does that mean the only way to become fit and healthy is by eating foods your ancestors never ate? Does that mean one can’t get fit or healthy without whole grain bread and steamed brussel sprouts and grilled chicken breast and blocks of tofu?

I call BS!

We Indians ate our lentils and curries and ghee and khadis and curd for a reason just like the Ethiopians ate theirs and the folks from the middle east ate theirs. It is absolutely possible to eat foods that you grew up eating and get healthier and fitter every progressing day. It is, in fact, preferable.


  1. Eat real food and stay away from allergens for the most part like your ancestors did. Details here.
  2. Tweak your traditional Indian diet and make it match your current activity level. My step by step guide is here.

Health & fitness in 6min a week

Clearly my blogging has been suffering lately and irrespective of what attempts I make to revive this blog, I seem to not follow through. So, about a month back, I sat down to think about why this was happening and I realized the following.

  1. I have much to say but don’t have the required time to write long chatty and/or technically sound posts. The little time that I do have for this, I use to write for magazines.
  2. Twitter is my friend now. I post plenty on there. But 140 characters is way too short to say anything that makes any sense or cause a change in anyone’s life.
  3. Pretty much everything that needs to be covered, has been covered previous in this blog and trying to come up with new content for the sake of coming up with new content, will only result in, well, making up shit and confusing readers.

Taking all these into consideration, here is what I realized I needed to do.

  1. Write posts that don’t demand too much time commitment but drive the message home.
  2. 140 characters is too short and 1000 words is too long. Something in the 100-200 word range will be perfect.
  3. Since 90% of what a person needs has already been covered, the goal now is to keep you coming to the site so the previously written articles are made use of.

With that, I present to you my next 150 posts which will be spread over 50 weeks and are sure to be short, informational, witty, simple and, most importantly, thought provoking. How much can y0u benefit from a 2 minute read? Well, you’ve got to wait and find out for yourself.


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