Just a number

I hear friends, clients and people in general complaining all the time. It could be about their weight or age or dress size or body fat % or something else, but there is always a number and there is always whining.

How does it matter how much you weigh if you look great? How does it matter how old you are if your physical capability and mental calmness is trending north ? How does it matter what your dress size is if it looks awesome on you?

How does any number matter if you’re happy with the way you look, feel and function? Or how does any number matter if you’re unhappy?

The goal is not to get to any number. The goal is to continually work towards betterment. Period.

One response to “Just a number

  1. sivakumar achanta December 21, 2012 at 10:36 am

    absolutely right on the button RAJ – it is all about how one feels inside. Improvements are always work in progress 🙂

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