Don’t put up with nonsense.

Say you’re ready for a post paid cell phone connection. You look into the available service providers and compare what each one has to offer. Some are more expensive than the others while some are more useful to you than the others. You read up details on the plan, pricing etc., and find one that you think is best suited for your needs. You pay up. Get your SIM card. Load up your trusted smart-ass phone. You’re ready to rock n roll!

Once you start using the service, you realize that calls drops pretty often. You don’t think much of it ‘cos you talk when you drive and there seems to be no real pattern to call dropping. Then you realize that your internet is spotty. You’re unable to send emails with any attachments. Slowly, you realize that not all your messages are being delivered and that you’re not getting your emails on time on the phone.

You try talking to customer service, but other than using phrases you’ve always wanted to use, like “Put your supervisor on the line!” and “Are you kidding me??!”, nothing much comes out of it.

Initially, you make do. You adjust. You find work-arounds. Kind of like being lazy to fix the time on your clock but knowing how fast or slow it is and ‘calculating time’ each time. You don’t send out emails at specific times, you are always ready for dropped calls, you use the internet as much as you can when it is available etc. But eventually you need to understand what is actually happening.

The service that you subscribed to and pay for, is not working for you. And what do you need to do when such a situation arises? You need to man the f**k up and fire that service provider and find a new one. Simple common sense right? I mean, why would you ever want to continually pay for something that is clearly not working for you? If you’re paying for a service to help you accomplish certain tasks (in this case, being connected) and if it doesn’t work for you, you fire that service and find something else that works. No-brainer right?

So then, please tell me why you stay on a training program that doesn’t give you the results you desire? Why work with a trainer who doesn’t deliver what he/she promises? Why donate money to a gym for years and years when you either don’t use it or get no results out of it? When you find out that what you’re doing isn’t working for you, isn’t time to make a change? To find something that truly works for you?

So here is what you need to do – Look at yourself or your performance today and compare it to data (photos, numbers etc.) from a few weeks/months/years ago. If your goal was to get better (stronger or faster or leaner or healthier) and if you haven’t gotten any better, you’re only getting worse. Not everything works for everyone. But something works for everyone. And it is on you to find your something.

So, stop being lazy and don’t put up with nonsense anymore. Be adamant about wanting the best. Be diligent in finding the best. Be religious about working with the best. Become your best.


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