No sacrifices. No compromises.

Here is the deal…

There are no compromises. There are no sacrifices.

Whatever it is that you are doing you are doing it for yourself. Be it going grocery shopping to feed your family or wining & dining that person you are interested in or finding a house that you love or dealing with the shit your family (who, let’s not forget, you love) gives you or losing fat so you can look awesome.

Take fat loss for example.

I know you’ve given up gluten. I know you don’t eat at McDs anymore. I know you use very little oil in your cooking. I know eating out with friends is a challenge. I know you’ve forgotten what an ice-cream sandwich tastes like. And I know you talk about these ‘sacrifices’ to everyone you meet.

Here’s what I have to say – shut up!

If YOU want something YOU gotta work for it.

You want green in your bank every month? You got to go to work. You want the bliss of victory? You’ve got to train like your life depends on it. You want a PhD following your name? You’ve got to excel in school for years and years. You want to look awesome? You’ve got to consistently train and eat right for weeks or months or even years.

Listen. You’re giving up blahblah (or doing whatever the hell you call a sacrifice or compromise) not for someone else’s benefit but your own. So suck it up and stop talking about it like it is a big fuckin deal ‘cos it isn’t.

Once again..

There are no sacrifices. There are no compromises. There are only actions and results. Your actions dictate your results. Nothing more and definitely nothing less.

Quit making a whiny list of sacrifices and start taking responsibility for your actions. Suddenly, everything will make a whole lot of sense.


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