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Success Story: Swarna got her life back!

I don’t post many success stories in here, but this one has to be read and is long due! Swarna sent this to me back in September 2011, but I just have been lazy! Apologies.

Swarna, was truly an amazing client. She trusted me, stayed the course, was open to making any and all changes that I recommended, very respectful of my time and, most importantly, a tiger when it came to implementation! Not once, and I repeat, not once, did she ever complain or whine about not being able to eat wheat or that she didn’t know how to make real food tasty or that the workouts were too intense or blah blah. In short, no excuses, no BS. All action, all results.

I know I say this about all my clients who see great results, but it is the fact! Stay true to your goals, trust your coach, don’t complain, don’t get greedy and look for shortcuts, don’t find ways to justify quitting, do the program AS IS, eat as told and results are inevitable! If you are indeed serious about your goals, be it fat loss or joint health or strength or performance, 6 months of watchful sensible eating and staying active is a breeze. And even better, what you get in return for 6 months of being diligent is just worth so much its hard to describe! Don’t believe? Ask Swarna… or Neha or this 61 yr old or any of my other clients who stayed the course.

OK. I’ll shut up now and let Swarna talk.

In one sentence if you want me to describe the effect of my nutrition/fitness session with Raj it is “Raj gave my life back”.

When I came across Raj’s blog my condition was thus:

  • Excess fatigue attacks, which lead me to sleeping straight 18 hours.
  • Severe joint paint which made me immobile. Knee pains as if I am 60 year old and not in 30s.
  • Doctor diagnosing that my condition is mostly Fibromyalgia and referred to a neurologist and even though I know I was not depressed I was given anti depressant
  • Flu like body pains
  • Sever heartburn, stomach cramps
  • Recurrent vertigo attacks
  • Insomnia, trouble getting sleep and very less sleep of only 3 hours or so
  • Neck and shoulder pain.
  • Every day morning the possibility of facing the day was gloom. No energy, no stamina. Everyday living was a chore.
  • No energy
  • NO zeal for life
  • Concentration level down in the dumps

Then I came across Raj’s blog. That was definitively my lucky day. I enrolled in Raj’s online fitness regime and within a month there were so many changes. Going of grain immediately solved my insomnia. Real food solved my chronic constipation and stomach cramps. Off sugar stopped vertigo attacks. I was about 11 pounds overweight, but within 3 months I lost 14 pounds, more than I bargained for, which is wonderful

Raj was very helpful throughout and answered questions and suggestions to help my health. I, being a lacto vegetarian brought up in India, never thought this, but found I was milk intolerant and thanks to raj for helping me to find this .

I feel much better these days…maybe I got rid of my fibromyalgia…if that is even possible…or at least I almost did it.

By cleaning up my food and adding stuff rarely on cheat meals I found that I am very intolerant to gluten, milk and vegetable oils. If I avoid those I am not just good but great 🙂

The workout routine has made me more energetic. No more severe overall body pain or neck pain or fatigue crashes. Very less pain these days and I am sure over the period of time I will conquer that too.  And as bonus my weight has also come down.

No pain reliever pills, no fatigue crashes, life is wonderful and my concentration level has rocketed high. For the first time, yesterday, I played soccer with my son! It was humongous achievement for me, because 4 months earlier getting out of bed during weekend was a big question.

Thanks Raj!

Swarna continues to follow my real food recommendations eating awesome wholesome meals with plenty of fat, carbs and protein. She is healthy, solid and still very curious and helpful, questioning, learning and contributing in our FB group.

Heres wishing Swarna awesome health and continued success in 2012!

Peace out.

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