The secret to awesome abs!

You are about 40 years old. You haven’t given a crap about your body for the last, well, 3-4 decades of your life. Suddenly, for whatever reason, you’ve come to realize that you are fat or overweight or unhealthy or unfit. You start a diet and/or a workout program. You lose a bunch of weight in the first week. Slightly lesser in the second. And a mere pound in the third. You freak out because 1 lb isnt enough for you. You change things up. You eat lesser. You workout more. You add in cardio. You do more abs. Nothing changes. You get frustrated, give up hope and get back to your old eating habits. The weight piles back on!

Familiar isnt it? For someone like me who deals with clients every single day, this stuff is a little too familiar. I get this from clients coming from other trainers and well, I get it from my clients too. Let me throw some light on this.

Firstly, let me make this very clear – fat gain doesn’t happen overnight and doesn’t happen for no reason. If you are overweight/obese that clearly means you that have been abusing your body via bad nutrition and/or lifestyle of mediocrity for a significant amount of time or you have some form of hormonal dysfunction (thyroid dysregulation, leptin resistance, insulin resistance etc.). So, irrespective, if you are gaining unplanned weight, something ain’t right and if this phenomenon continues, something is going to go wrong… terribly wrong. And for the record, I don’t care if your blood work is impeccable or if your fat doctor says “You are absolutely fine!”. Irrespective of your age, if you are 20+ lbs overweight and/or have a bunch of flab, you are NOT healthy.

Secondly, while you spent many years gaining the fat (and loved life while you did it!), you expect to lose the weight within a matter of weeks. I’m not telling you its impossible, but I will tell you that it is certainly unhealthy. You need to realize that your body is not a sack of potatoes. You cant just add in potatoes to increase weight and you cant remove potatoes to lose weight. Your body is a much more complex system. Anytime you start to lose weight, some bodily functions slow down or come to a complete halt and some others speed up. While this is definitely not to post to discuss these changes in detail, I’ll just touch on it by saying the reason you feel like Droopy The Dog when you’re leaning out is that as you begin to lose weight, due to less than optimal energy consumption, your metabolism tends to drop down to a freakin crawl. And as your mtabolism slows down, weight loss slows down, blood cholesterol goes up, energy levels plummet, libido disappears, sleep issues show up, hunger pangs become frequent, cravings seem like halucinations, headaches occur too much too often etc etc etc.

If this is the case, then what can you do if you have 30+ lbs to lose before your abs show? Have you caused irreversible damage to your body that it wont ever let you get to that dream physique of yours? Well, no! There are plenty of people who seem to be able to do it and that should mean it is absolutely possible for you to do it right? Yes! But how? Well, there is a secret! And being the awesome guy that I am, Imma share with you that secret!

In order to help you understand the greatness and criticality of this secret, I’m going to want you to think about bodybuilders. Why? Because they are the leanest people on earth and we can definitely learn a thing or two about fat loss from them! The guys are huge but still walk around with 6-7% bodyfat while still being able to perform some pretty awesome feats! So what is the secret?

Is it diet? Do they all eat the same diet/foods?

Well, no. People have grossly different tastes and range from almond butter lovers to quinoa crazies! Some folks eat high fat while some others prohibit any kind of fat in their diet!

Is it animal protein? Are they all meat eaters?

Definitely not. Tonnes of vegetarian/vegan guys and gals out there are are super lean and mean!

Ummm… supplements? Do they all consume the same secret supplement?

Again, no. From fat burners to mass gainers to steroids to good ‘ol meat and veggies, these people rely on different sources for their micros.

Its gotto be exercise! They all have similar workout plans! Right?

Nope! Not in the wildest of your dreams are all these awesome people doing the same workouts and hiding from you.

And no, its not the acai berry or any patented whey powder or magic intermittent fasting or sprinting or prowler pushing or anything that you may think it is. What is it then?

It is consistency!

I’m sorry if you were expecting some magical workout or some miracle berry, but this is the sane and simple truth! One can take a million stabs at bodybuilders, but one thing they’ve made themselves synonymous to is consistency! Sure genetics play a part, but no one suddenly woke up to six pack abs or randomly ran a sub 10 sec 100m sprint or squatted 400 lb by chance! These guys train like their life depends on it and are more loyal to their diet than to their wives!

You might have the world’s best diet and the most effective workout program and the greatest trainer and the most badass training equipment… but you got nothing if you don’t got consistency! That is, my fine folks, the secret… to everything!


Anytime you freak out that results are stalling…

Anytime your cravings get the better of you and you find you convincing yourself that it is OK to break…

Anytime you feel all this is not worth it…

Anytime you talk yourself into believing ‘I am happy with the my current results’…

Anytime you realize you are getting greedy and wishing for too much too fast…

Anytime you come up with a hundred reasons to whine…

Tell yourself this one thing…

Stay the damn course! ‘Cos when you make it to that finish line, I swear to God, you will have a million reasons to smile!

In the next few posts, I’ll talk about what consistency really is and how you can make it work for you to reach your goals. Trust me, it is not the boring ‘eat clean and workout 4 days a week without fail’ nonsense. I understand consistency too well to waste my time and yours by writing such meaningless crap. My definition of consistency is different and is something I’m sure you’ll be able to embrace!

Adios until then folks!


5 responses to “The secret to awesome abs!

  1. lavanya June 21, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    And that’s the ugly truth my friend!!! 🙂

  2. swarna mani June 22, 2011 at 7:38 am

    yep…the holy truth….

  3. Arundhati Ramanathan June 23, 2011 at 4:23 am

    Hey there! I’m your new follower and one of those ambitious want-to-lose-atleast 10 kgs- in 3 months kinda person. Would love some advice from you to get there, and more importantly the right way. I ‘m looking forward to your post on consistency. I can use a few lessons on that.
    Keep up the good work! what you are doing is bigger than social service 😉

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