What I learnt from Dan John

Who is Dan John?

When and where did I meet him?

I was fortunate enough to be coached and certified by Dan as a HKC Kettlebell Instructor last week at Balboa Fitness in Newport Beach, CA.

Apart from the kettlebell stuff, what else did I learn from him?

  • Strength is a skill. You don’t get it right the first time. Or the second. It takes practice!
  • Training is simple. Very simple.
  • Training is not easy. Not one bit. If it was easy everyone would do it.
  • The best diet = Any diet you can stick to.
  • The best training regimen = Anything that has a push, a pull, a hinge, a squat and a carry.
  • The body is one unit. Incorporate this understanding into your training and you’ll be a much better athlete.
  • Whoever you are, double your chin-ups and add 100 lbs to your front squat. You’re golden.
  • Single arm training is all you need to work your ‘core’.
  • It’s not your body… it’s the mind and the heart that makes the difference.
  • Barefoot hill running teaches you how to run. Goblet squats teach you how to squat.
  • Never use the phrase ‘Today we’re jerking off the rack’ to a bunch of high school kids.
  • If you’re not huge and fast and strong and ripped, that just means you did a crappy job choosing your parents.
  • How much you do doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you’re actually doing it.
  • Make loaded carries a part of your training today. You’ll be thankful tomorrow.
  • If you’re your own lawyer, you have an idiot for a client. Same applies to trainers.

Looking forward to meeting Dan in SF sometime soon!

Peace out.

4 responses to “What I learnt from Dan John

  1. Arvind Ashok March 3, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    Super post. Barefoot hill running FTW! And yeah, interesting to read the front squat bias.

  2. Lavanya March 4, 2011 at 1:45 am

    And of course this was the thing that stuck most in my mind – “The best diet = Any diet you can stick to”. Too right!

  3. bee March 12, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    i think kettlebells are the most effective strength training equipment. congrats.

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