The Missing Links – 13th December ’10

Hello folks,
Here are this week’s links. Enjoy!

The French Paradox

It is a mystery as to why the French remain in such good health and have low levels of coronary heart disease (or at least better health than other developed countries) in spite of:

* Their large Alcohol/Cigarette/Caffeine intake
* Liberal use of Butter, Cheese and Animal Fats in general
* The general lack of concern about exercise
Read more.

You think energy drinks improve sport performance?

So should you or your teenage soccer player be drinking energy drinks? Not if your aim is to improve sports performance, Dr. Higgins said. “I wouldn’t recommend energy drinks to athletes,” he said. “Look at the name. These are not sports drinks.” Read more.

Why are the Okinawan Japanese the longest living humans?

More protein. More fat. Less carbohydrates! See here for publication.

Sitting < Standing < Walking < Running < Sprinting

Move up the chain and make us bipeds proud! Learn the science of sprinting.

Hate running ‘cos it’s boring?

I bet these quick workouts will keep you interested!

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