Eating out ≠ Eating junk

The next two lines will summarize what this post is about.

Today we all eat out more often than people did earlier – No shit.

It’s impossible to eat clean because we eat out so much – Bull shit.

Here are some common whines from folks trying to eat clean outside home (and my responses).

Whine: I went to a friend’s birthday dinner and unfortunately there wasn’t anything clean on the menu. So I had to eat fried rice and the spice just led me to the fried banana ice cream.

Response: Ever heard of meat (or tofu) and veggies? Any restaurant with a kitchen and a cutting board will be able to give you this. There is ALWAYS healthy/clean stuff in every menu. If you are determined to eat clean that night you will find it and order it. In this case, you just didn’t look hard enough.

Whine: I eat out 5 days a week. Getting grain free healthy food is impossible.

Response: Ever heard of salads? The stuff with vegetables, meat and cheese? Even if you’re eating at McDonald’s 5 days a week there are ways to eat clean. Get the grilled chicken burger without the bun. Still hungry ? Get 5 more. Eat your veggies during dinner.

Whine: Every time I go out to eat with friends my diet is the topic of conversation. People ask me weird questions and make fun of me. I feel extremely humiliated. So I decided to eat like ‘normal people’ during dinner parties.

Response: If you’re friends make fun of you for trying to make a positive change to your lifestyle that will literally keep you disease free, strong, lean and energetic, I wouldn’t really call them friends. If they’re doing it for giggles… just giggle and go about ordering your stuff.

Understand that eating clean is not something to be ashamed of. It is, in every damn way, something to be crazy proud of.

Whine: Customizing orders in restaurants is embarrassing. The waiters don’t like it. The others at the table don’t like it. I feel like such a burden.

Response: Let’s say you want a suit. Do you always have to get the ready-made stuff? Don’t you ever get your stuff stitched? Customizing your order is your bloody right.

Get this straight – YOU are paying for YOUR food which is going into YOUR stomach and will have an effect on YOUR health. You have every frackin right to say how exactly you want your food prepared. If they wont do it that way, they’re not the only restaurant in town.

Whine: How do I count calories when I eat at a restaurant? I have no idea how many carbs or fats are in my food. It’s so stressful! I can’t deal with this nonsense!

Response: Well… don’t count! You order your protein (meat or tofu or eggs), you order your side of vegetables (steamed or sauteed in butter) and you skip their rice/bread/mashed potatoes/pasta.

Life is simple. Keep it simple.

Whine: This is ridiculous! Why can’t I just eat like everyone else?

Response: Sure you can. But be prepared to look like everyone else.

Whine: OK your clean eating thing is a scam. I saw this guy in the next table eating a full pizza and a tub of ice cream and the dude is jacked!

Response: I’m sure he ate all that. But do you have even the slightest idea of what he ate during the other 27 meals that week? Any guesses on how much weight he moves in the gym? Do you have a frackin clue how fast/often the guy sprints? You don’t know shit about him. Stop using him as an excuse to eat junk.

For the non-whiners i.e the folks who genuinely try but fail due to lack of information, here are some useful tips for when eating outside.

  1. Firstly, the key is to not think that you are making a compromise. The key is to ‘learn’ to order menu items (or custom items) in a way that you will totally love it. For example, I love my vegetables sauteed in butter and I ask for them that way. And because I know my awesome buttered vegetables (with some fatty protein) are on their way, the rice/bread doesn’t tempt me.
  2. Secondly, the other ‘normal people’ at the table should try to eat like you because they want to look and function like you. Realize that you are the smarter person at the table making the better food choices. True story – Two friends at a dinner table laughed at my face because of what I eat/don’t eat. Two weeks later, the very same folks send me a personal email requesting a customized diet plan.
  3. Order a glass of one of the delicious dry wines (Cabernet Sauvignon or chardonnay) instead of sugary cocktails.
  4. Skip the bread with olive oil and enjoy some classy aged cheese with your wine.
  5. Every sit down restaurant should be able to provide you with protein (meat/tofu/eggs) and vegetables. If you don’t find it on their menu, request it as a special order.
  6. If the restaurant doesn’t do special orders, find an item on the menu that has protein, veggies and rice. Then ask the waiter to hold the rice and double the veggies.
  7. Salad’s are good if nothing else materializes. Drop the dressing and load up on olive oil/butter, pepper and some salt.
  8. Skip the dessert. Get a bowl of fruit (and top off with some whipped cream if you roll that way).

Summary: Harden the frac up and do what it takes!

3 responses to “Eating out ≠ Eating junk

  1. mssriram September 29, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    Awesome post! You tell ’em!

  2. kanatachiropractic September 30, 2010 at 7:08 am


    Love your posts, awesome insight, and funny too!

  3. tastyeatsathome October 23, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    Okay, so I just happened upon your blog by way of Erin at Gluten Free Fitness. Gotta go read some other posts of yours. Love this stuff. 🙂 I feel the same way!

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