Flippin Delicious Four Course Meal

The weekend was pretty awesome in a multitude of ways with creative and delicious food definitely being one of the highlights. I happened to cook lunch for a couple of lovely ladies who are ovo-lacto-vegetarian. [Lovely lady 1’s blog and lovely lady 2’s blog.]

For those of you who think delicious meals cannot be made without grains and cereals… eat this!

Main Dish: Crunchy Tofu on Romaine


4 oz Organic Firm Tofu (or any other protein), Romaine Lettuce Leaves, 1 cup Mushroom, 1 Sweet Red Pepper, Green Onions, 1 tbls Butter, 1 tbls Soy Sauce, Salt, Cayenne Pepper


1. Cut the tofu (or any other protein) into tiny cubes and saute in 1/2 tbls butter till the sides turn brown. Set aside.

2. Chop the mushrooms and red pepper into tiny cubes and saute in remaining butter till done.

3. Add browned tofu to the pan. Mix.

4. Add soy sauce, salt and cayenne pepper to taste.

5. Place mixture on fresh and crunchy lettuce leaves.

Side: Buttered Baked Sweet Potato Oregano Fries


1 Sweet Potato, Salt, Crushed Black Pepper, Oregano Flakes, Chili Flakes, 1/2 tbls Butter


1. Cut the sweet potato into french fries and put them in a bowl.

2. Add salt, pepper, oregano, chili flakes and melted butter to the bowl and mix. (You can season these any which way you like. Garlic goes awesomely well by the way!)

3. Bake in oven at 400 F for ~ 20 min turning once in between.

Dessert 1: Coconut Apple Cinnamon Pudding


1/3 cup Real Coconut Milk, 1/2 Apple, Cinnamon


1. Pour coconut milk in a bowl and bring to a boil. (Remember to use REAL coconut milk… the one you get in Asian or Indian stores).

2. Add chopped apple and cinnamon to the coconut milk. Simmer for ~ 20-25 min or till the apples get mushy.

3. Blend in a blender or food processor.

4. Pour in a cup, dust over with cinnamon and place in refrigerator to set. This cooling step is what gives it the custard consistency.

* Note: Credit for the recipe goes to Robb Wolf and Andy Deas.

Dessert 2: Protein Berry Verrine


1/4 cup Coconut milk, 1/4 cup Cottage Cheese, 2 tbls Whipping Cream, 1 scoop Vanilla Whey Protein Powder, 1 tsp Vanilla Extract, 1/2 cup Blueberries, 1/2 cup Strawberries


1. Blend the coconut milk, cottage cheese, whipping cream, whey protein powder and vanilla extract.

2. Pour in a wine glass and freeze for 30-40mins.

3. Add the berries just before serving.

Note: Credit for recipe goes to Vidya.

Just so you know…

  • No crappy chemicals or  syrupy sugars… all natural all healthy ingredients!
  • Not an ounce of sugar in any of the recipes.
  • No grains or cereals or beans or legumes in any of the recipes.
  • All four items together add up to ~ 700 calories with ~55 grams of protein.
  • All fats are from awesome sources – butter, coconut milk
  • All carbs are from vegetables and berries and hence super high fiber content.
  • Calories were not counted (of course duh!) and everyone ate to satiety.
  • All items were made by one person and total cooking time for all 4 dishes was ~ 60 min.
  • Funny story – The two desserts are nutritionally superior than the main dish… thank’s to the MCT’s from the coconut milk and the protein content of the verrine!

Try it out and let me know what you think.


4 responses to “Flippin Delicious Four Course Meal

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  2. Arun September 14, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    Is there a reason why you stress on tofu for women only? 🙂

    • RG September 14, 2010 at 5:52 pm

      I generally dont recommend tofu or any soy product for that matter for anyone. I think its best used as an option when you’re outside and nothing else is available.

      The gender bias though is because there have been studies linking excessive intake of soy products to impotence in men (due to its super high estrogen content). Sure nothing has been perfectly proven… but in this department you definitely want to be safe than sorry!

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