Time to walk the talk

Obviously I am my best trainee and now that my elbow is feeling better I am starting a little 8 week program for myself.

The goal here is to destroy the conventional beliefs (a.k.a myths) regarding fat loss and strength/endurance training. So basically for the next two months… I will walk the talk.


– I won’t count calories but just from eyeballing I will eat ~ 1800-2000 calories on training days and 1600-1800 calories on rest days.

– I will get ~ 150 gm of protein per day. My carb intake will be < 75 gm per day… may be slightly higher if I beat the piss out of myself in some conditioning exercise. The remainder of my calories will come from fat. So protein : carb : fat = 30% : 15% : 55%

– I will eat 2-4 meals per day depending on my schedule.

– Supplements: Whey protein powder, fish oil, multi-vitamin

– Beverage: 4-5 liters water per day. 1 cup coffee (black) per day.

– I will have one cheat meal per weak without fail. This meal can (and will) contain anything but wheat gluten.This meal will also serve as my carb refeed.

– I will not kill myself with details and  will eat home-cooked meals and restaurant food at a 1:1 ratio.

– I will not eat anything that isn’t food (Eg. soda, candy). Sugar is obviously out of the equation.

– I will love every single meal I eat and never compromise taste for health or health for taste.

– Ok fine I’ll say it… I will cheat every night with a couple of squares of dark chocolate.


– I will realize that my elbow has not completely healed and choose exercises and/or scale loads accordingly.

– I will workout 5-6 times a week.

– I will lift 3 times a week. Each lifting day will contain at least one compound lift (squat, deadlift, chest press, shoulder press, cleans etc.)

– I will do one 20+ min high intensity workout per week.

– I will sprint once a week.

– I will do one longish run (4-6 miles) or do a hike once a week.

– I will not work my abs specifically. All ‘core’ exercises will be aimed at achieving a solid ‘core’.

– I will do bicep curls and tricep push-downs with small weights to strengthen the muscles around my elbow (only until I am able to do pull-ups like before the injury)

– I will make every workout so interesting that I can’t wait to try it. I will also make every workout so hard that I hate it genuinely.

– I will stretch for at least 10 min after each workout session with extra focus in the hamstring area (I have super tight hamstrings).

Expected Results:

– Constant Lipid Profile and lower resting heart rate.

– Fat loss:

Goal is to get to a body fat % low enough to have abs visible a.k.a 4-pack (like before the strength cycle). No time (or resource or peace of mind) will be wasted in trying to get to very low body fat levels a.k.a 6-pack.

– Strength maintenance:

Squat, deadlift & cleans should stay where they were post strength cycle. Bench & shoulder presses are expected to go down due to weeks of upper body inactivity and elbow injury.

– Improved endurance:

400 m sprint time, 1 mile sprint time and 5k run time are expected to come down.

If you are interested in fat loss or strength gains or fitness in general join me in this 8 week journey. You will be amazed to see what adherence to a plan can do for you. Your pledge could be as verbose as mine or as simple a…

‘For 4 weeks, I will workout 5 days a week and wont eat any sugar.”

Whatever it is… try it. 11 out of 10 times a plan like this will help you more than hurt you.

Thanks for reading.

7 responses to “Time to walk the talk

  1. Vishwanath Natarajan July 12, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    bro! amazing! good luck with this….This is vishwa da…machi you know i’ve been working out for sometime ….but i still need some guide lines….i have enough mass now and a little bit of shape…..i do have some fat on my body and i’m trying to get rid of it….any advise?

    • RG July 12, 2010 at 9:02 pm

      hey vishwa… thanks for stopping by!

      yea you’ve got some serious mass buddy! how long have you been trying to lose the fat?

      as general guidelines.. id say do exactly as I’ve mentioned in this post as far as diet is concerned. increase your calorie intake based on your body weight. im about 155 lbs now and 1800-1900cals seem to help me drop 1-2 lbs per week consistently.

      for workouts… am sure you’re fine with your lifting. just make sure you squat & deadlift. days you dont lift… do short high intensity conditioning workouts (10-20 mins) like I have listed in some other posts or do low intensity walking/biking for 50-60 min. if you’re looking for something more specific. shoot me an email.

      hope this helped.

  2. Lavanya July 26, 2010 at 8:19 am

    So how’s walking the talk going. Saravana Bhavan feed face fest notwithstanding? 😉

    • RG July 26, 2010 at 8:42 am

      Hey! The indian food face-stuff was a carb-refeed for two weeks of very low carb dieting 🙂 This episode + another feast the next morning for breakfast helped me pull some heavy stuff off the floor at the gym! So it’s all going per plan!

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