Why should I be fit? – Did you seriously ask me that?

Warning: If you’re sedentary and unfit/unhealthy…you’re probably going to hate my guts like never before after reading this post. If you’re already healthy and into fitness… you just hate me like you did yesterday.

Let me start by asking you this… why would you not be fit?

I’m a little puzzled here. The normal human brain learns good and bad from experience/knowledge of other people. It does what is good and avoids what is bad. Am not talking crazy talk here. Think about our ancestors… the cavemen. A small group of cavemen see a mammoth. One smart ass (lets call him Wulahoo) jumps right at the mammoth. The mammoth squishes the jello out of Wulahoo. The others see that and learn what Wulahoo did was wrong. Next time they try attacking a lion and lose Yumba. Slowly but steadily they get the idea and end up hunting deer, rabbits and some critters (reserving the mammoth hunt for when they were a huge group). Voila! Food without risk of death! That learning is the reason we are here today. If they didn’t learn and kept trying to hunt mammoths single handedly the entire human race would have been extinct.

Now Wulahoo and Yumba are the obese people we see everyday in our lives. They have inside them one or more of the following – diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, aortic aneurysms etc. . So we… the other cavemen… ought to look at these guys and learn. Yes? Thank you!

Let’s look at what is common knowledge… what we have learned from our ancestors and Google.

– Eating too much will make you fat.

– Being fat will make it harder for you to do stuff (yes… even that stuff).

– Leading a sedentary lifestyle will cause numerous health complications in life.

– Eating unhealthy crap everyday will screw up your immune system.

– Sugar everyday will f*** you up!

– Being fat is not cool! Is not now… it never was… it never will be. ( FYI… Fat is the new dumb. Obese is the new retarded.)

– Vegetables are good for you. Fruits in moderation are awesome.

– Occasional & reasonable treats (candy, fried chicken, dessert etc.) are very very acceptable!

– Physical activity will make you strong, keep your heart healthy and help you prevent a host of auto immune diseases.

– Unhealthy eating habits clubbed with a sedentary lifestyle will make your expiration date before that of the breakfast cereal you eat.

So you know all this! But you still will not move that bottom. You still will not make that extra effort to eat right. You still will not cut out the sugar. You still will not curb the cravings. You still will not accept that your health is more important than that cheesecake you think about every afternoon.

Actually you know what… you will! Not now… but when you’re 50 (40 or even 35 for some) and you’re blood pressure is through the roof, your cholesterol numbers are higher than your son’s tuition and you’ve been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and/or CVD and the doctors tells you that if you continue your current life style you will die soon!

I’m sorry about the outburst… but are you kidding me?? You have something here which, without a doubt, will prevent a shit load of diseases, make you look pretty darn awesome, make you feel super light, get you strong enough to be of some use to the world. There is no guesswork or luck here. You do this this and this… you will get this this and this. Why wouldn’t you do it.

It’s pretty simple the way I see it. You know the basic stuff… eat right and keep moving. Do that and it will save you hundreds of thousands (of whatever currency you use) in hospital bills later in life!

If you’re still looking for “What’s my motivation to be fit?”, I have listed out the answers a few people have given in the past when asked the question. I bet your ass you will be able to relate to at least one of these!

– I am 30 something and overweight. I have two kids who are 2 & 6 yrs old. I don’t want to be the parent who doesn’t play with my kids because I cannot! I want to run with them, lift them up & throw them in the air, run up the stairs with them… and do all this without losing my breath. I want to be around longer for my kids.

– All I care about is to look good naked. Abs are fab!

– I was the fat kid that got picked by everyone. There is no way I’m going back there.

– I’m no pro athlete. But I take pride in being able to run 13 miles and rejoicing at the end of it.

– I want to be able to drag twice my body weight and run because at some point I’m going to have to drag your fat ass with me! Stop stuffing your face with that cake now.

– Being fit is like being rich. You have the luxuries that the unfit people just don’t have.

– My greatest motivation is to be a good parent. If I am not healthy how can I keep my kids healthy?

As for my motivation…

Eating healthy is a given. There is no rhyme or reason required for it. As for constantly challenging myself…


PS: Folks who are already in the ‘health, fitness & longevity’ camp… please please comment. Every person that starts a healthy lifestyle after reading this, is a life we save.

PPS: Folks that are not in the camp… quit the excuses and get started today!

5 responses to “Why should I be fit? – Did you seriously ask me that?

  1. Barath Shankar July 9, 2010 at 12:12 am

    Nice post buddy 🙂 very motivating & inspiring 🙂

  2. Mahesh July 9, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    Nice one! One of the best of all your posts.
    Being fit is the natural thing and being unhealthy is the most unnatural. You have rightly pointed out that though a lot of people know about the dangers of leading a nasty self-destructible life style, they arent ready to change it unless they hear the alarm signal. Whats the use when you have all the money, make all the contributions to your field, be successful in your school, career but when you are not able to reap the benefits because don’t have the good health to be happy, feel satisfied?

    Healthy body is healthy mind. I have been able to do better work, do better research when I was a PhD student, if I did my workouts, broke a sweat and got quality sleep.
    I see fitness as something which the body being able to listen to the mind and act as per its wishes(only the sane stuff!!). If the mind thinks that the body has to execute its wish of running 13 miles, it should be able to do it.. if the mind feels that the body has to deadlift 225lbs or do 50 pushups, the body has to be conditioned to do that! That is fitness!!

    To be, or not to be fit. definitely theres no question!! we are destined to be fit and we have to be fit, feel fit. Thats the natural thing!

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