Weekly Workout Challenge No. 1

Every Saturday night I will post a workout and call it the ‘Weekly Workout Challenge’. It could be anything from a 5 min burner to a 50 min endurance test. You can do it any day during the week and you can modify the workout by decreasing the weight or changing difficulty level depending on your experience. Ask me for substitutions (different exercises) if required. The idea here is to force you out of your comfort zone and expose you to different kinds of workouts. And obviously if you guys have any workouts in mind that you would like me and others to try out… shoot me an email.

Let’s start this off with a workout that all of us can do. Beginners, intermediates and experts alike pushups (or knee pushups), situps and squats are basic functional movements of the human body and we are all capable of doing them. They might be hard for some of us to begin with because we probably haven’t done them ever or in a while. But trust me… it is only a matter of teaching your muscles to move a certain way. The more often you do the moves the better you will get at them and the fitter you will get overall.

Challenge: Fifteen Minutes of Funkeyyy

Maximum number of pushups in 60 s

Rest 30 s

Maximum number of situps in 60 s

Rest 30 s

Maximum number of bodyweight squats in 60 s

Rest 60 s

Repeat two more times for a total of 3 rounds.

How many total pushups, situps and bodyweight squats could you do?


– If you can’t do a proper pushup do knee pushups till you get strong enough to do a proper pushup.


– Warm up sufficiently before starting the workout. I strongly recommend that you warm up every part of the body that you will use during the workout.

– Never go to failure in any set. Let’s say you can do 15 pushups in a row. Do only 10. Take a 3-5 sec rest and do 10 more. This way you don’t fatigue your muscles quickly.

– Rest hard during the rest period. Move your hands and legs… shake it off before the next set!

I, of course, wont be able to do this workout this week due to the elbow fiasco. But when I last did this workout these were my numbers.

Pushups – 131

Situps – 98

Squats – 135

Total score: 364

What is your score? Share it!

Just so you know, I will post the exact same workout as a challenge a couple of months later. If you do the little workouts that show up on this blog and eat right… I promise you that you will see a boost in your numbers when you do the same workout again. Tracking your performance is the only way to assess your fitness progression. So please do the workout… give it all you got… and note down your score in the comments section.

Oh and yes… no sloppy half reps. Every repetition should be done with impeccable form. Please no soggy pushups and quarter squats. The numbers don’t mean anything if you are cheating yourself.


PS: I have no idea why I named the workout that.

3 responses to “Weekly Workout Challenge No. 1

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  2. Mahesh July 17, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    Lazy sat afternoon. So tried this today.
    Pushups :102, Situps : 81, Squats : 150, Total : 334. Was very good to try pushups and situps after a very long time. Was sweating like a pig throughout.

    • RG July 19, 2010 at 9:16 am

      Sweet! Pretty awesome numbers there! Repeat this in a month and see how much more you can do.

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